By Jordan Malik, MBA/MS & Award-Winning Amazon Pro Merchant & eBay Top Seller


My Crazy Amazon & eBay Selling Predictions for 2012

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Disclaimer: My predictions are pretty much 50/50% hit miss. You may have predictions of your own, so feel free to click 'Comment' at the end of this post.

Whatever happens, I think 2012 is going to be another exciting year for online sellers.

Tens of thouands more legitimate sellers will join Amazon, but more Amazon shoppers will also join Amazon Prime. (The influx of Amazon Prime customers means more customers 'buy more stuff' on Amazon because 2-day shipping is free with the membership). This will keep seller competition marginally better or worse vs 2011.

> eBay will continue to dwarf Amazon in overall sales, but they will lead in sales made from mobile devices. Thus, eBay sellers of clothes, shoes, collectibles, and cell phones/PDAs will witness steady or stronger sales (vs. 2011), as those categories comprised the top mobile purchases made on eBay AND (more importantly) Amazon restricts or disallows most mom-and-pop sellers from selling nin those same categories.

eBay sales of most small appliances, kitchen items, and housewares will be almost nonexistant (as I saw steep declines during the holidays of 2011), especially when compared to,, and

> eBay will continue to be a boon for sellers of vintage items, collectibles, and antiques (get 50% OFF my #1 Resource e-guide for these items, when you use code JBMALIK at checkout). I say 'boon' because many eBay sellers have migrated to Amazon, Etsy, or have just plain given up. That leaves plenty of room for savvy sellers who know what to buy and sell on eBay. eBay is still my #1 choice for selling collectibles, vintage items and 1-of-a-kind items that are PLENTIFUL in this 'world of stuff' (and is NO place to sell those).

> seller commission fees will inch up a little again, by the end of the year. Although Amazon is seemingly always deliberately careful not to upset its sellers, it will find tiny, incremental ways to increase revenue via its 3rd party seller/marketplace channel, and I see some fees increasing nominally (in addition to their scheduled 2012 fulillment fee increase).

> A major online retailer will compete against Amazon FBA (your guess is as good as mine, but it will likely be someone like eBay, Walmart or Google). That's good for us  because there will be (finally) another viable selling channel that gives online merchants access to lots of buyers.

> More seller tools will crop up, and all will become easier to use. When I compared FBAPower to, I got really blasted by a well-respected online marketer (whom I can't name, sorry).  But I critqued FBAPower becase it had some glitches (that were still there the last I checked) which a.) made my Amazon inventory disappear, and b.) incorrectly priced items at $0.00 (which were ultimatedly sold on Amazon for $0.00). I know Chris Green (FBAPower/Scout founder) is very smart and he provides generally helpful tools for Amazon sellers, but as another seller said in an online help forum (I'm paraphrasing): "we have to stop thinking that FBAPower and FBAScout are the be-all and end-all of Amazon selling tools." and other inexpensive applications are cropping up that continue to make selling on Amazon even easier.

> More Amazon sellers during Holiday 2012 season means their prices will be pushed downward for products if their products are sourced online. Alternately, the sellers who use elbow grease to locate the harder-to-find merchandise locally will be in a better position to gain higher margins. That's just a simple fact of reselling retail merchandise: Sellers can experience slimmer margins when they source their goods online, because the 'barrier to entry' is low - any seller can whip out their credit card and buy qty: 24 of a single item, get them shipped to their door, and package it for reselling on Amazon. But 'getting out in the trenches' and sourcing harder-to-get deals in stores usually means less competition for those sellers and, thus, higher profit margins.

>Major online retailers will try (and fail) to control large quantity purchases from resellers. Shoprunner (a service similar to Amazon Prime) did it by banning buyers whom they suspected were reselling the items they purchased; and ToysRus, and sometimes make some quantity limits on their hotter items (to discourage resellers). But these restrictions are generally hard to enforce because the occasional Aunt Gertrude, who really needs to buy 12 Toy Story Talking Jessie Dolls for all her nieces, is going to go right on Facebook and blast any retailer who restricts her. Any company (like Shoprunner) that gets enough angry customers is going to have a public relations nightmare on its hands.

What do you think of my predictions? Am I crazy? Post by clicking 'Comments' below.


Amazon Reveals its Holiday Hits; FBA Success

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Amazon just sent out a press release with some revealing info for 3rd party sellers like us, including:

> "Billions of dollars" of merchandise was sold by 3rd party seller, worldwide, during the holiday season.

>The # of sellers selling more than $5,000 worth of merchandise increased by 44% (versus last year's season)

I witnessed first-hand other FBA sellers 'making bank'. I received emails from (my other site) like these (members' names removed but exact quotes):

"Jordan, I just wanted to thank you! I made over $40,000 selling on Amazon, a minimum 1/2 of which is pure freaking profit...That's going into it totally blind. NO experience. Thanks again!!!"

"My final profits are over $16,000 in just over 2 months. A large majority of that success can be attributed to you, Jordan!"

Now that the Holiday season is over, it's a great time to start selling via Amazon FBA (if you aren't already) by finding used books, CDs, and DVDs locally (although toys and other merchandise still sells great year 'round)

Here's a FREE GUIDE that shows you step-by-step how to get started (it's the same one I used when I started 2 years ago).
Talk soon,

Jordan Malik


I Reveal My Holiday Sales $. Plus: Hits & Misses on Amazon and eBay

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Hi, online sellers.

After every Holiday, I give readers a glimpse of which toys were profitable for Amazon/eBay merchants, and which toys were flops. I did pretty well this year, with Nov 1 -December 27 Amazon total sales of $30,000+

The below 'hits' and 'misses' are based on how most Amazon sellers (like me) make sales: by buying discounted products online or in stores (before the Holiday shopping craze) and then selling them for their retail price (or higher) when demand picks up.

Before I continue, I should say that eBay has become, by comparison, nowhere nearly as profitable for sellers of 'mass-appeal' toys. However Amazon can't match eBay for selling one-of-a-kind, vintage and collectible items.

Here we go...
Hits: Traditional Brands (i.e., Barbie, Toy Story, Disney Princes, Batman, Fisher Price) were almost bulletproof (as they are every year). If you sourced such toys at up to 50% off, you likely enjoyed a 50% to 150% ROI during the Holiday buying rush, like I did.

My examples of profitable items (click on each for Profit Proof):

Fisher Price Imaginext Transforming Batmobile
Imaginext Batcycle
Toy Story Plush Bullseye Horse 
Muppets Whatnot Build A Muppet Set (blue)

Hit: Magna-Tiles - This really small company got a runaway hit on its hands that turned an under-$50 toy into a 'must have' trinket that commanded $300 to $500 on eBay and Amazon:  Huge shortage around the holidays = big profit potential for eBay Sellers and Amazon if you were lucky to get some. By the way, there was absolutely NO WAY to predict something like this in advance. (No, I didn't sell them).

(Note: Magna tiles sales are further proof that some of the toys that sell well every year are simple 'building'-type toys that allow children to use their imagination).

Miss: Air Swimmers. Their retail prices were way too high for Amazon merchants like me to profit; plus I believe they had limited appeal for the end consumer. Why? They required too much messing around with helium tanks (for more $). ToysRus' CEO claims they were a hit, but certainly demand wasn't as hot as hyped.

Miss: My Keepon - I 'drank the Kool aid' and believed the media pre-hype about this intelligent 'robot' toy, but it ultimately got lukewarm reviews and it appears that ToysRus stores had plenty in stock.

Miss: The Kindle Fire ('s 1st ballyhooed new e-reader). Both Skip Mcgrath and I predicted this would be like the earlier Kindles from previous Holidays, and become  ultra-hard-to-find. Alas, Amazon did a great job anticipating demand and kept manufacturing them, without missing a step. Thus, margins for resellers like you and me were slim to none.

Miss: LaLaLoopsy dolls: The reason these dolls were a boon for eBay and Amazon sellers last year (2010) is because last year, there were only 8 different dolls, all one size. This year, however, store shelves were full of LaLaloopsy merchandise, from Dolls to figurines to backpacks to accessories. Some consumers paid double or triple the retail price on Amazon or eBay when the craze started earlier in the season, but that was a mere flash in the pan as stock was generally plentiful and prices came back down to earth. 

See the common theme for all the 'Misses' above? They were generally 'brand new to the marketplace' items AND manufacturers released them far ahead of the Xmas season so they could guage demand and control manufacturing accordingly. Lots of Amazon and eBay sellers were hoping for the next 'Zhu Zhu' craze but that was a very unique scenario (in 2009) because they started out very small and grew to epic proportions almost overnight, creating a perceived - and real - shortage that drove prices up to $60.

So for 2012 Holiday Season, stick to finding traditional 'known' brands and characters (see my list of 'hits' above) and purchase that merchandise when it goes on sale for 50% or more (start looking in late October 2012, right through the 2nd week in December).

I am sure you have a lot to add to this (be sure to click 'Comments' below this post and contribute your story.

-Jordan Malik, Founder &


Amazon Sellers: Why You Should Avoid Price Wars

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Another reason why Amazon sellers don't need to 'race to the bottom' with their prices:
Amazon goes after last-minute shoppers (

(In other words: Last minute shoppers LOVE shopping on Amazon because of their free shipping deals. Those shoppers are LESS price-sensivitive when they just 'gotta have it' in time for the Holidays .... This gives you, as an Amazon FBA Seller, more time to keep your prices higher and avoid the potential catastrophe of missing out on profit margins by getting into a price war with other sellers).

(FREE: Even MORE ways you can avoid the price wars now).

How are your holiday sales going? (Comment below)

Live Long and Profit,
-Jordan 'J.B.' Malik
Founder, &


My Worthless MBA (and what I did about it).

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If I'm not banned from my alma mater by now, I will be after posting this.

(Note: You're only going to find this post useful IF:
- You're considering pursuing an MBA ($$$) in marketing, and/or
- You provide, or want to provide, mobile/social marketing services for your/other companies, and/or
- You want to get a loyal customer/reader following)

I have always said my MBA has contributed ZERO to my success as an Amazon seller and as an Amazon 'expert.'

That's because most MBA programs are way, way out of touch with giving you truly robust skills to 'win' at marketing today.

Today I get my 'real world' marketing knowledge and skills (my 'mojo') from online experts like Mike Koenigs (I'm a customer of his). And I pay a fraction (or nothing at all) versus the $40,000 I paid for an MBA.

He has a quick, FREE and FUN video series I want you to check out here.

Remember, if you just 'straight sell' products online and you're not interested truly marketing your business, this is probably not for you.

For the rest of you, that link again is here.

Talk soon,


Amazon Pays Buyers to Leave Stores

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Amazon is giving consumers an incentive to compare in-store prices with Amazon's via its iPhone/Android app. If you do, you'll get 5% (up to $5) off the product if it is purchased on Amazon.

This tells me a few things:

1.) When Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said he wants consumers to get everything at Amazon, he meant it.

2.) Amazon can never have enough 3rd-party sellers, whom ultimately are major 'stock' sources for Amazon's inventory (which ranges from the quirky to the commonplace).

3.) Brick-and-mortar stores have gotta really step it up if they want to remain in business. That may mean even lower prices, superior customer service (i.e. as extreme as LandsEnd and/or LLBean's 'return your item anytime in any condition and we'll refund you in full'), and/or or hiring more specialized, more friendly (and more $$$) help; and/or giving greater cash-back incentives (not the sucky ones).

So if you're not selling on Amazon, don't miss out on what is one of the greatest 'work at home' opportunities today: TO LEARN for FREE: Download this step-by-step guide showing you how to sell used and new media (Books, CDs, and DVDs) via Amazon FBA.

Sound off with 'Comments', below!

Founder, HonestOnlineSelling &

I have a face for radio!

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(My gradeschool teachers always told me that, anyway).

On WSRadio tonight (11/29) 6PM EST/3PM Pacific, I'll be spilling the 'secrets' about finding used toys and reselling them on Amazon/eBay with the legendary Queen of Online Retail, Janelle Elms (founder of OSIRockstars and another dozen online seller resources).

(This will be useful to you whether or not you've purchased

I promise to make this entertaining AND helpful to you. Be there....(Go to this link and then click on 'Radio > Listen' at the top dark blue menu bar).


Free Video Training: How to Profit by reselling Black Friday deals

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I just put together some free videos that show you how Black Friday is an excellent source of inexpensive, hot inventory for online sellers like you or me. Nothing to sell in this video, just free info for you (registration is required).
I'd love your feedback for the videos (good and bad), please post your feedback here:  



8 Ways to Profit with Dollar Store Toys on Amazon

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My latest free report reveals the strategies I've used to profit from Dollar Store items (it's not what you're thinking). You can get it here (no registration required).

Happy Profitable Holidaze...



101 Used Toys To Sell on Amazon (+video)

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I love selling used toys (year round, not just the Holidays).

Why? You can find used toys locally (your own house, your neighbors, your family, thrift stores, yard sales etc.) and they're sold or given away to you for practically nothing.

The 'phenomena' is that many used toys are 'OOP' (out-of-production) and thus demand remains high, but buyers can't find them.

So toy buyers turn to Amazon to find them, and Amazon merchants sellers like us can cash in with exponentially high returns. I mean $15, $20, and up to $100+ profits on items you can find locally for $0 to $5.

My video explains it (below). And I'm practically giving away info on 101 toys that are rather easy to find locally but bring in very high profits on Amazon.

It's never too late to sell Toys on Amazon, as long as you register as an FBA seller. Why not start today? Holiday shopping season is  upon us, and customers go berzerk over used toys as well as new.

Happy profiting with my guide!



This saves me over $200/month in Accountant fees

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I am thrilled to share with you this killer eSales Bookkeeping Spreadsheet, it is going to make tracking my eBay and/or Amazon sales and expenses a LOT easier. (See it in action in the video below)

If you haven't done it already, NOW is the time to get this system - or ANY excel-based tracking system - in place.

2 reasons I am promoting the eSales Tracking Spreadsheet:
  1. It makes tracking your sales and expenses 'hand-holding' easy with video tutorials;
  2. The way Amazon and Paypal each 'lump' your sales reports into one dreaded .csv file is a HUGE pain-in-the-rear. My transactions alone made up 400 Excel pages and I had to pay a freelancer and my CPA big $$$ to go 'massage' all 400 pages so my expenses and sales could be properly categorized.
If I had this spreadsheet (it's really a 'system') a year ago, I would have saved WAY over $200/month in accountant fees. The cost? A measly one-time charge of $29.97 with free lifetime updates.

ALSO: Remember that Amazon will be reporting your income to the IRS (for the 2011 calendar year) *IF* you have $20,000 or more in annual sales AND 200 or more transactions.

Paypal is doing the same.

Regardless, you can get audited by the IRS if you are misreporting income far less than $20,000. I'm not trying to scare you, but audits to happen occasionally, and you don't want to have messy financials if it happens.

So start tracking your sales and inventory NOW...your CPA/Accountant will THANK YOU come tax-reporting time.

(If your total sales are over $500/month, I highly recommend (in addition to using the eSales) hiring an Accountant/CPA because things get MIGHTY complicated if you are going to report your income and expenses. (They'll get WORSE if you get audited).

I am double-backing this system's 100% Money-Back Guarantee! If for any reason the founder (Vickie) doesn't honor a refund to you (I know she will), I will refund you from my own pocket, personally.


You Profit When you BUY (for Halloween 2012)

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Just a quick note for those of you who are lucky enough to have some extra space in your home/business.

Now is the time to start stocking up on massively-discounted Halloween costumes for NEXT year.

You can buy NEW:

-Local stores (think: Party City, WalMart, seasonal Halloween stores, Kmart, Target, etc) - Pay no more than 20% of the full retail price (i.e. look for signs 80% off an more).

-Major online retailers (,, etc) - Pay no more than 20% of the full retail price (i.e. look for stuff 80% or more and free shipping).

You can buy USED:

Post a free craigslist 'wanted' ad with the title "We Pay CASH for Your Kids' Costumes" or whatever. Tell them the costumes have to be in very good to excellent condition - no tears, rips, etc., and offer to pay $3 to $5 depending on the condition and type (know what you'll pay before you go in - see below). 

Which costumes to buy (New or Used):

-'Evergreen' characters that do great year after year: Batman, Toy Story, Disney Princess, Mickey Mouse (and other characters), Flinstones, GhostBusters, Spider-man, Captain America, SpongeBob, Disney Tinkerbell, Pirates of the Carribean, Star Wars, Transformers, etc.

-Stick to Kids' costumes (Boy and Girl Toddler up through teen or so), where demand every year is the highest.

-Don't forget accessories! Gloves and magic wands and hats and sunglasses of 'major characters' sell well every year too. (For used offer $1 each).

If you want an indication of what did well this year (and thus will likely do well NEXT year), see this snapshot of most popular boys bestsellers on Amazon (disregard prices because they've likely come down off their 'peak'), girls bestsellers on Amazon, (disregard prices because they've likely come down off their 'peak'), and best-selling costume 'themes' via eBay Pulse.



I Got in BIG Trouble by Winning Jim Cockrum's Contest

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Renowned Internet Marketer Jim Cockrum recently held a contest to see who could sell the most copies of his fantastic new book, 100% of the proceeds of which goes to Hope Village in Detroit.

I won 1st place in the contest (I sold over 100 copies, and here's the proof). So a BIG 'thank you' to my subscribers here and at my other site,

I won because I made a RIDICULOUS offer to my subscribers, if they bought the book. I mean OVER THE TOP ridiculous. (I offered a refund of 1 month's subscription to, and a couple of other perks).

The refunds are what got me in trouble. BIG Trouble.

See, I processed WAY over 70 credit card refunds in about 2 weeks' time, and the stuffed shirts nice guys and gals at my payment processor (PowerPay) threw a huge hissy fit and shut down my site's ( ability to take credit cards. All with 1 week's notice, no negotiating. The worst part is, they were really sneaky about it. (They avoided my phone calls and gave me veiled answers to a lot of questions). To make it worse, PowerPay knows NOTHING about e-commerce (In 2011? What's wrong with them. Oh, that's right, they're in Maine).

Anyway, I was able to find another payment processor (which was a nightmare too), but I learned a few things I want to share with you, if you decide to take credit cards on your web site.

> Most payment processors haven't the slightest idea about ecommerce. They think everything sold online is a scam. Prepare to have them be very skeptical of your operation. They lump legitimate sites (like with stuff like

> Don't dole out credit card refunds like they're candy, like I did. Refunds are called 'chargebacks' and in the world of payment processors, that's a dirty word. Payment processors completely wig out. I should have given the equivalent of 1 months' access instead by just extending my members' renewal date for another month. I don't why I didn't think of that when I did my promotion. Duh.

> The payment processing industry is due a major shakeup. It's a stalwart business. Payment processors are stalwart companies, who have to partner with stalwart 'payment clearing houses', which process payments from stalwart credit card companies. Everyone managing the payment 'food chain' is watching you like a hawk. Thank God Paypal (by comparison) is progressive. This industry needs 100 more Paypals.

> It's easier to just take Paypal. In fact, I would have just used Paypal for memberships instead, but Paypal isn't fully 'inegrate-able' with my membership site's ecommerce platform. But Paypal is fine in most cases. Some e-commerce purists will balk at only accepting Paypal, but the benefits for smaller e-commerce outfits far outweigh the potential headaches.

Ok I'm done sounding off. Do you have a similar experience with a payment processor? Or PayPal? Post by clicking on 'Comments' below.

-Jordan 'J.B.' Malik
Founder, and

Holiday Spending to Jump - Your Questions Answered!

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E-commerce forecasts predict higher spending this year (need proof? see here and here and here)

I'm expecting my sales to double from previous months (they did last year).

Are you ready, too? If you sell on eBay or Amazon or both, your inventory selection is going to be critical (EVERY seller is asking themselves 'What can I sell for big profits?')

And we all know TOYS are among the biggest holiday sellers.

Here are the Questions I hear most from online sellers like you:

Do you have some predictions of hot-selling toys? Yes. Stuff I've already shared with you for free, here and here.

What other Toys can I sell this Holiday? I HIGHLY recommend you purchase either Jenni Hunt's Holiday Toy Guide OR a GOLD subscription to (our VIP subscriptions are temporarily sold out, but you can get on the waiting list for free, here). If these are a little out of your price range, you can get my Amazon Inventory Secrets Bundle here.

Do I HAVE to spend any money to research which toys will be hot? Absolutely NOT. See my FREE TIPS #1 through #5, and #9, here.

Is it too late for me to sell toys on Amazon? Nope. Amazon's holiday restriction does NOT apply to sellers who sell via's FBA Program. Here's all the info you need: Sign up to Sell on Amazon; Add FBA to your existing Amazon seller account; 2011 Holiday Toy selling restrictions.

Do you have questions about selling online this Holiday?  Post your questions by clicking 'Comment' below, or email me at honestonlineselling  @ gmail   . com (remove all spaces).

-Jordan 'J.B.' Malik, Founder &

*Another* Free Report - Hot Toys for Sellers - Holidays 2011

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Hi Online Sellers.
FREE Report, Grab this!

I get the question all the time: What toys can I resell for big profits this Holiday?

I've given away LOTS of free info to you (here, here and here).

Now I have even MORE free information, from renowned eBay Selling expert Jenni Hunt (Hint: scroll down that long sales page to the section that says 'Get All Three Free Reports Immediately', to get the FREE Guides).

Jenni's free report unveils HOT holiday toy trends and sure-fire 'winning' types of toys that can make resellers huge profits every year (for proof, check out my Nov-Dec 2010 sales here).

(Although Jenni and I do differ a bit on the 'trendy' toys - I tend to steer away and stick to classic brands....But Jenni has a better, proven pulse on what new fads/trends will be truly 'hot' this Holiday season.)

When you combine Jenni's free report with my blog posts (above), you get an ARSENAL of 'what to sell' ideas, absolutely free!

Please comment below, I want to know what you think. Here's the link to Jenni's free report again. 
(Hint: scroll down that long sales page to the section that says 'Get All Three Free Reports Immediately', to get the FREE Guides).

Founder, and


Who is Bob Willey and Why is he Threatening Me?

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Hi Online Sellers,

I got an interesting email late last night from someone named Bob Willey. Click here to read it. ( Or copy and paste this into your browser: )

I have no idea what Bob is talking about here, but it looks like some sort of threatening ultimatum. Hmmm.

Any ideas? Comment below.

(if you don't want to post a comment, you can email me privately at


Friday vs. (Amazon Seller Listing Tools)

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If you're selling more than 50 items per week on Amazon, you'll need a listing software program that will save you boatloads of time.

Two of the more affordable listing tools are and

I've been using now for over a year and I just switched over to

(FBAPower is not affiliated with our site, by the way)

Check out my video review/comparison  (click Video below; double-click for larger version.). (Time alert: this video is 20+ minutes long.)

Can Audiocassettes with a 'Lousy' Sales Rank Sell on Amazon?

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Remember my post about snobbish Amazon sellers turning away books and other media just because they had 'abysmal' bestseller rankings on Amazon?

I proved them wrong (again).

(By the way, by 'media' I mean books, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, audio tapes)

See, all those 'remnants' still have nuggets of gold in them, and they're not so hard to come by.

Example:  This bundle of a few audio cassettes (wow, remember those?) on the uber-boring topic of human development. I scanned it and picked it up at a library sale for $2. My scanner said the sales rank was 3.8 Million, with just a few competing sellers.

So I put it on Amazon about 2 weeks ago and it just sold (well, the sale is actually pending) for $28. That's a net ROI (return on investment) of over 1,000% and the bestseller rank, from just my sale jumped dramatically, to 199,000!

So the lesson here is, don't rely on bestseller rank alone; and don't ignore 'boring' media items when you're out scouting.

Do you want to uncover your own little nuggets of gold? Used media is probably the cheapest inventory you can find to sell on Amazon. Here's how:

1.) Download this free guide that shows exactly how to sell media on, as well as what scanner/scouting service to buy that will make it a lot easier for you.

2.) To find 'hidden' sources of used media, get this must-have S.W.A.T. guide and/or this locator of popular and relatively unknown library book sales

3.) Get out and start scouting!

Founder, and


What Toys Will Sell for Big Profits this Christmas?

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How can you predict what toys will likely be in high demand this Xmas?

I say 'likely' because predicting with any accuracy can be difficult (remember the hype over the Singamajigs last Xmas? That fizzled out fast).

But if you've been selling on Amazon for a few years, like I have, you learn some 'tricks' along the way that make it a lot easier to figure out which toys may do better than others.

I've been 'buying low' and 'selling high' with the same products on Amazon, for a profit, for several years now (The 'fancy' term is 'retail arbitrage').

This 7-minute video shows you how (double click the video image below if you want to see a larger version)

Some free web tools I mention in the video are: ( price tracker) and
> (product engine that searches almost all major online stores)
> A FREE guide that can help you get started selling on Amazon is here. (this e-book covers selling CDs, DVDs, and books on Amazon, but the method for selling toys is almost identical).

> is The web site that tells you 'exactly what to sell on Amazon, and exactly where to find it' year-round, not just Christmas. ( membership is currently $27/month and $227/annually, but the price goes up October 1.

Disclaimer: Some information in this post, video, and this blog, is forward-looking. Past performance of prices is not necessarily a guide to future performance., its owners and its subsidiaries disclaim any liability for errors, inaccuracies or omissions on this website and for any loss (whether direct or indirect) or damage resulting from its use, whether caused by negligence or otherwise. Visitors who choose to access this website do so on their own initiative and agree to assume responsibility for their selling results.


Overwhelming Support against 'Amazon Bully Sellers'

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On Monday I wrote about an online Amazon seller 'help' forum that was getting incredibly nasty and condescending toward its members, including me. The forum is this one, by the way.

Well, the feedback from my readers has been heartwarming and outstandingly supportive. Excerpts from just some of them them are below (the first 5 were edited to protect the writers, as they were emailed to me. The rest are by my subscribers in the original post's comments section.)

FYI, I have recommended that 'bully' forum in a free help guide I wrote, but we're in the process of removing them from the guide and replacing it with another' help source.

P.S. - Thank you for all your emails, posts and support!


 "Hi Jordan.

I'm a member of one of those seller help forums that you posted about on your blog, it could be the same one because there are several of those "amazon bullies" members on there.

Personally I think they (the bullies) on that forum went way to far with their attack on you just because you follow your own path and not theirs.

Anyway I liked your post and think you hit the nail on the head, or should I say the "amazon bullies" on the head! Man, I bet their really steaming now! Great Post"
- Writer's name removed by editor.


"I remember when I signed up to the Yahoo Group about a year ago.

In that forum, one of its 'senior' members thought the other forum members wanted to 'steal' her intelligence (ha!) to write a book or somehow capitalize on "her" knowledge about selling on Amazon.
When someone commented that she was being greedy or selfish, she was offended by that! It didn't bother her that she offended the new people coming in, though.

I think the forum moderator puts up with her crap because she is a "know-it-all". It's good to have the knowledge but not so good to be a bee-otch about it to everyone.

I enjoy your postings an kindness to share." - Writer's name removed by editor.


"Your post about the critics and complainers was spot on! As a member of my church's administration, let me say this, "Those people are complete assholes!" - Writer's name removed by editor

"I too was kicked out of the ToySellersFBA program because I opposed the moderators' [initial desire to engage members into] price fixing. (Ed: Companies (including 3rd party sellers) agreeing to set a universal fixed price for a product is called 'collusion' and it's illegal in the U.S. However, we have no proof or indication that the forum's moderators were successful in getting some or all of its members to engage in collusion.)

I strongly objected. That's the only time I have ever spoke out in that forum. But one day I log in and find that my access has been taken away." - Writer's name removed by editor


"Hey Jordan,...[I got kicked out too], too 'exclusive' for me I guess....You are awesome, fearless and I am sure much more highly successful than those farkers--I know you have more education so screw them...My 2cents is this, I have to please AMAZON to keep my selling privileges and my customers--who needs a bunch of bullies and braggarts to cast a negative shadow on me?I am glad I am on your email list, blog posts and joining FBAFinds. I do not need those forums to help me out!"- Writer's name removed by editor

"I know what forum your referring to and I thought the whole conversation was quite ridiculous. No one seems to share because they are afraid of the "competition." FBA Finds, on the other hand, is quite the opposite, we share and help one another. You set the tone for a very positive and caring forum, you should be proud. P.S. I hardly look at feedback! " - blkeeslar


"The bullies are everywhere! Online I have really noticed it lately. These are the people that feel threatened or just like to start doo-doo... I don't bother to post on the Amazon seller forums anymore, many nasty people and too much negativity for me. I'll just learn the normal way - experience, trial and error, gut feeling, etc. Love this blog, keep up the good work!!!!!!" -  Rhonda*in*MI

"Ouch Jordan... stop hanging out on those forums. Spend more time posting here and on (My "secret" weapon of choice). Gasp - you share your Amazon selling strategies??? You mean you actually help others gain success? How could you? ROFLOL "Thou Shall Not Pay Attention To The Bully" - ... I'm assuming the "Bully" isn't very successful on Amazon - and/or just doesn't see the + side of sharing and being a happy camper." - Debra Conrad


Bully Sellers on Amazon; and PROOF that Amazon likes me!

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You've only got a few years left, lady: lighten up!
Sheesh. You'd think, with all the bad economic news floating around, Amazon sellers - with such a successful selling plaftorm - would be a positive, happy bunch. Nope - I'm afraid there are some nasty bullies among us.
Have you had bullies in your life? I have: abusive relatives, schoolyard bullies, corporate bullies, and now -- yes, it's true -- bully Amazon sellers.
Who is a bully Amazon seller? Typically:
  • Someone who believes EVERYONE's a competitor and thus they "don't deserve" to sell on Amazon....
  • Or someone who may be jealous of your sales volume....
  • Or someone paranoid of sellers -- like me -- who share our Amazon selling strategies with folks (like you) and thus (gasp!) the bullies' 'own' secrets are now being 'stolen' by (oh no!) more competition!
These bullies are also folks who poison hang out in online seller help forums all day to:
  • talk down to others...
  • scold them...
  • insult them on with forum posts (but without the gall to confront them in 'real life'), where they safe within the anonymous confines of their own homes; and
  • with airs of braggadocio, trumpet their own accomplishments - however trite - instead of spending their time doing, um, oh, I dunno, something constructive like growing their business.
But lately, these bully Amazon sellers are reaching for straws - by poisoning telling other sellers that my current Amazon seller feedback score (92% for the past 30 days) is increduously disgraceful.

Should I be scared? Should YOU be scared? NO. I'll explain:

Selling on Amazon is relatively new for most of us. So I, like plenty of other folks, have made some mistakes in product sourcing (i.e. inadvertently listing some items as 'New' when they should have been 'Like New'; listing a game that had missing pieces, etc.).  Thus I have received an occasional negative feedback from an Amazon buyer, and hey, I admit that I deserve it. I also received some negative feedback from customers - whose product was fine - but they're the types that just can't be pleased (you know: "the picture showed a different shade of red on Elmo. I want a refund".  That type).

But these bully Amazon sellers - who INSIST their feedback 'never' falls below 99% (yet they refuse to openly share their feedback score, as I do), emphatically wag their fingers at sellers like me and come just short of calling us 'the devil' for not having 'stellar' feedback.

So how am I doing? Out of my 63 feedbacks from customers in the past 30 days:
  • 58 were positive 
  • 1 was 'neutral'
  • 4 were 'negative'
Is that 'Bad', disgraceful, and worthy-of-seller-suspension performance? According to the bullies, YES! ... WOW!

But I'm brushing off their negativity. Despite all the paranoia these bullies are spreading to other sellers (maybe even you), I've found that Amazon is pretty forgiving! See, It's AMAZON who thinks I haven't done anything wrong. And aren't they -- not the bully Amazon sellers - the ones who determine my fate? Here's my PROOF:

This is my "Customer Experience Performance" email I just got from Amazon, where they give me 'insight into how you're doing with respect to customer satisfaction'.

So how's MY performance, according to Amazon? Just fine, thank you. Amazon judges you NOT on your feedback score (like my 92% that the Bullies are having heart palpitations over), but your 'Order Defect Rate', "Pre-fulfillment cancel rate', and 'Late shipment rate'.

And if you see my performance metrics, all my scores meet Amazon's requirements, with 'room to spare!'

Now don't get me wrong - if you're constantly getting negative feedbacks from buyers, you're probably doing something wrong and you need to address it. But there's certainly no reason for a seller with a score of 92% to hang up his hat and stop selling. (Hey, wait, wouldn't the bully Amazon sellers just LOVE it if I did!)

Geez, I hope those bullies don't see this video, or they might send an angry email to PETA or something.

"Don't throw stones at your neighbors', if your own windows are glass" - Benjamin Franklin, 1961

"Judge not, lest ye not be judged.” (Matthew 7:1)

"You stick your head above the crowd and attract attention and sometimes somebody will throw a rock at you. That's the territory. You buy the land, you get the Indians." - David Lee Roth

How about you? Does your happiness get interrupted by bully sellers? I want to hear from you!

Founder, &

P.S. For help with improving your Amazon seller feedback (maybe yours is less than my 'disgraceful' 92%), read my free guide here.


Anyone Can (Still) Use eBay to Boost Sales

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You've received a lot of info from me about selling on Amazon. But I can't emphasize enough the power of eBay and how it remains and outstanding selling tool for certain items. (I recently noted that bundled cell phone accessories are still a good money-maker for eBay sellers).

Skip McGrath (an early online selling 'pioneer' who has mastered the art of selling on eBay) sums this up in his latest newsletter (To read his newsletter for free, Click here, then scroll down to the right and select 'Current Month').

Both Skip and I agree that eBay is best for unique items (i.e. collectibles) that you can't normally sell on Amazon; AND for real estate, and cars, and other motor vehicles like my father-in-law's RV (which gets 1,000 page views every time I post it). You'd be hard pressed to reach a larger body of potential buyers for such items.

There are some tips in Skip McGrath's current newsletter of how easy it can be to find things to sell on eBay for a profit. Click on the image above to go to Skip's page, and then click on 'Current Month' to get right to today's newsletter with the eBay info.

Also, now eBay lets you put longer titles for the products you sell: 55 characters to 80. TIP: add extra keywords that shoppers for your item, or similar item. will use. For instance, the title for my current listing for a custom LED light kit I make for the 1966 diecast Hot Wheels Batmobile is "LED Light Kit Upgrade 1/18 Hot Wheels Batmobile Barris" , but now I can add other keywords I couldn't fit before, so my new title might be something like "LED Light Kit Upgrade 1/18 Hot Wheels Batmobile Barris 1966 Adam West" (Batmobile enthusiasts refer to the same model Batmobile as the '1966 Batmobile' and/or 'Adam West Batmobile').

Let me know what you think about selling on eBay today!


My Guest Post on Shoemoney - Have a Laugh

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I just wrote a guest blog post (and got a free Verizon mifi card for doing so) on the world-renowned internet marketing site

Jeremy Shoemaker and his first big Adsense Check for $130K
If you don't know who Shoemoney (Jeremy Shoemaker) is, he's probably one the brightest (and most trusted) Internet marketers in the industry. A few years ago (right before he became a multi-millionaire), he practically tripped over Google Adsense (in the early days, when Google Adsense made folks lots of money) and got at least one check for $130,000 in Adsense earnings. (By comparison, I think my highest Adsense check was $100).

(I'm not endorsing anything that offers here because he primarily teaches Internet Marketing (not selling on eBay or Amazon) - his programs do work, though)

Anyway, Hope you can get a laugh by reading my post (especially my 'bio' at the bottom).

-J.B. Malik, Founder of and


Why Selling Toys Online Won't Suck This Xmas

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Despite the fits and starts of the economic recession, it is a good time to be an online retailer. Why?

- A recent Wall Street Journal article states that higher fuel bills are forcing customers to reconsider driving to the big box stores (i.e. Walmart) to buy stuff; and they are even buying more of their consumable goods (goods they would normally buy at those stores) on online sites like Amazon.

- Another recent Wall Street Journal article confirms that if a double-dip recession occurs, "online-only stores shouldn't fret as much as their brick-and-mortar counterparts"; and finally

- (You knew this already) Online sales year-over-year growth continues to beat the daylights out of brick-and-mortar retail growth.

So if you want to cash in this Christmas like I did (by selling mostly Toys on Amazon), here are some tips:

TACTIC: SIGN UP TO SELL on AMAZON or EBAY NOW (If you haven't already)
Sign up to sell on Amazon soon because their Toy and Games restrictions will kick in if you don't start selling toys, like, now. You can loophole (for the most part) these restrictions when you sign up for Fulfillment by Amazon, or 'FBA' (Where Amazon does all the shipping directly to your customers). I recommend signing up for FBA whether you sell Toys/games or not. The cost for selling via Amazon FBA versus shipping the item to the customer yourself is pretty minimal, and FBA frees you up from the grunt work (i.e. boxing individual items and haggling over customer service issues). (If you need to get up to speed quickly to learn how to "sell like a champ" on Amazon, take this course (it has a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you're not satisfied for any reason). Or learn the basics, FREE, on your own with this guide).

Preparedness pays:

FREE TIP #1: When you see local (or online) toy store sales and/or clearance, snap up toys from some of the more traditional brands - Legos, Barbie, Toy Story 3, Disney Pixar Cars, Bratz dolls. etc. These almost always sell for 2x to 3x (or more) their 'off-Season Sale' prices when Xmas draws near close. Stay away from faddish-toys with no brand history.

FREE TIP #2: Hang out in the online sales forums like and bookmark sites to learn what other folks are trying to get their hands on this Christmas.

FREE TIP #3: Talk to your friends who have little kids and take notes of what Toys the kids think are 'hot' right now. If you find a common product (i.e., if every boy mentions the Hot Wheels Video Racers, out this Fall), well chances are that toy will be a hot pick - and very hard to find - this Christmas (which mean you should find those products now, preferably on sale, and plan to sell the 2x to 3x their current retail price).

FREE TIP #4: Talk to your local mom-and-pop Toy store. Tell them you want to 'surprise your niece' this Christmas with a toy that is predicted to be a winner, but you have no idea what to buy. These toy stores have already ordered their inventory and they know what's in predicted to be hot and in demand.

FREE TIP #5: Hang out in the local 'big' Toy Stores (i.e. ToysRUS) a couple times a week and see what they're sold out of. Again, chances are those hard-to-keep-in-stock toys will be even hotter this Christmas. So take note what's sold out and buy it online or at the same store when it's back in stock.

Whether you sell on Amazon, ebay, or anywhere else - do you have a strategy to stand out? You can take my ideas:

FREE TIP #6: include brand new batteries for every toy that requires them, and make sure you say that in the product description or title.

FREE TIP #7: IF YOU SHIP your products (versus Fulfillment), promise your customers a "Get it by December 20th or IT's FREE" Guarantee, like I do. (You can pick a date other than the 20th if you wish, of course). I've never had a problem promising this. Some customers are PRAYING they get the gift late so they can get it free, but I had a late delivery maybe once or twice in the past 3 years. Just make sure you ship your packages out well ahead of the 'Get it By' date.

FREE TIP #8: IF YOU SHIP your products (versus Fulfillment), give your customers a free upgrade to USPS PRIORITY shipping. (I have found that,  for most average-sized packages weighing between 13 ounces and 3 lbs, that Priority shipping is frequently just a little more $ than parcel post.)

FREE TIP #9: Pre-owned Toys (as long as they're clean and neat) sell extremely well, too, year round - and for even more profit during the Holidays. So hit your local thrift stores/yard sales NOW and find some complete toys and/or games for $1 or $2 (Make sure they have all the pieces/parts, and get batteries if they're needed). NOTE:  If you want the extra assurance to know EXACTLY what pre-owned toys to look for, you can buy this guide. (Note: subscribers to get that guide for free) Stick the games/toys in the closet so you can sell them in November/December on eBay or Amazon.

So I hope that helps you - let's get ready to CRUSH IT this Xmas! Questions? Post away....

J.B. Malik, Founder and


Peek at my Amazon Sales; and a New Secret to Book Selling

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I've shown you some screen shots of some of the ridiculous profits I get for selling used books on Amazon -  books that cost me $1 and sell for $20 to $30 and up (= a return on investment - or ROI - of 2000+%).

Here's more proof - Click  here, here, and here. I bought these books at a local library and a couple book sales.  

I know 2,000% and 14,000% Return on Investment (ROI) sounds like I'm on crack, but the numbers are real. Walk into your local bank and tell the manager you want your CD to earn more than 3% ROI and call me when he's done laughing at you.

So you're convinced (I hope) that selling used books can be 'big business', as it is for me. But it can be hard to find enough places to buy profitable books. You'll remember that I addressed that by referencing Frank Florence's Creative Sourcing for Books e-book ($27, and still a steal).

I called Frank's book the 'S.W.A.T.' guide to used book inventory. And I didn't think Frank could top that.

But he just did, with BookSalesFound.

BookSalesFound lists the little-known upcoming book sales in your area, including ones that are not advertised on free sites like BookSaleFinder. The problem with  (unrelated to Frank's BookSalesFound) is that it all the booksellers access this free site to find the major book sales only - thus you'll likely get 50 other sellers like you showing up with their scanners at those sales.

So BookSalesFound is my new secret weapon for finding those 'under-advertised' book sales. 'Under-advertised' book sales mean lesser (or no) seller competition, which means more 'book gold' for me!

There's more. BookSalesFound also lists library book stores in each state. See, many libraries have their own store where they're selling books year-round! Not many other book sellers know about that.

I'm embarrased - because Last year, it took me a couple months to find and document the local, little-known libraries that regularly sold books. And that's just in my area (Long Island, NY). If BookSalesFound were around then, I would have saved a TON of time.

Frank's BookSalesFound comes with a 7-day free trial, and its introductory rate is $19.99/mo. That's incredibly cheap and delivers a lot of book sale intelligence to your fingertips. $19.99/mo is all you'll ever pay (you'll be locked-in, forever). For people who don't sign up, the price will go up to $67 after the introductory period is over.

Do you need to subscribe to BookSalesFound? Absolutely not! Just go to all your local libraries in the region, sign up for their 'Friends of Library' mailing list (which costs about $5 to $15 per library, per year) so you are 'in the know' before every one else. But if you have a lot of libraries in the area, like me, that's a lot to keep track of. Instead, BookSalesFound tells me when and where all the local library sales and library stores are.

- Remember, there is a 7-day FREE Trial of BookSalesFound. If you try it and don't like it, cancel within 7 days and pay nothing.

I'm personally adding MY OWN GUARANTEE to the offer. If you try BookSalesFound and, within 30 days, you decide to cancel, contact me via this blog, and I will refund you via paypal for the entire month's billing. That's how much I believe in BookSalesFound! (Disclosure - This guarantee is MY OWN - it is not offered by the owners of BookSalesFound.)

Have fun!

-J.B., Founder,


My Prediction - a Hot Toy to Resell This Christmas

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I get the question all the time from online sellers: "What will be the hot toys that I can sell on eBay/Amazon this Xmas?"

And my answer is "Avoid the new fads, stick with toys in the traditional brands/franchises - Disney Cars, Barbie, Batman, Disney Princess, Marvel Spiderman, Disney Toy Story, etc."

That's because fads are unpredictable: last Xmas. the much-hyped Sing-a-ma-jigs and Squinkies were lousy toys to resell (=no or little profit to buy and then resell online). But the predictable franchises (i.e. Batman, Disney, etc.) do well every year because, quite simply, kids' demand for the toys frequently outstrips supply and/or the perception of buyers is that the toy will not be in stock if they wait too long.

But I think I *may* have a predicted winner here - the My Keepon -  *IF* you're able to get your  hands on it (it will only be available this October  - you can't get it now). There are 4 reasons why I'm predicting this will be a boon for online resellers:

-- Exclusivity. ToysRUs will be the only official retailer. That means scarcity. Scarcity mean low supply, and low supply drives up price for resellers like you.

-- Truly dynamic technology in the toy. Sing-a-ma-jigs and Zhu Zhu pets lost their appeal - and their price premiums - quickly because the novelty wore off. They were essentially 1-trick-pony toys. My Keepon has advanced software in it that makes the toy more 'human' and random in its movements and 'communication.'

-- Personalization - creators of the toy intend to make it customizable by other 'programmers' (not sure if that is everyday folk who can program it, or software geeks), and any product that can be sold and then personalized can command big bucks.

The price point is supposed to be around $50. My suggestion:  Keep your eyes peeled for this at your local ToysRus in October and snap a few up. Then list them on Amazon or eBay for $150 each and watch the competitive pricing closely. Adjust pricing accordingly - the worst thing that could happen is you break even or sell them at a slight loss - or return them if they're a total flop.

Again, I can't guarantee what's going to happen with this toy, but all indications point to a truly robust 'winner' that will be very hard to find as Christmas draws closer. So if you can get your hands on them in October (expect Toys R Us to limit you to (say) '2 per person'), you may be able to profit really nicely from them.

Do Great Stuff!


How to Dominate Smart Phone Accessories Sales on eBay

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Hello, Online Sellers.

A few years back I worked at, an iPhone/iPod trade-in company where customers can trade in their gadgets for cash. (Great concept, but a terribly-managed company).

At Nextworth, I learned the ins and outs of the iPhone/Smart phone accessories market on eBay.

What I found:

> If you can get accessories from the right supplier, your selling margins on eBay can bring you a 200% to 400% ROI (Return on Investment);

> Being a U.S.-based seller means customers will pay you much more than buying direct from overseas (i.e. China), thus you don't have to compete with sellers' prices there.

> Bundling products (i.e. selling an iPhone with a charger, case and screen protector) means a higher profit margin than selling each component individually.

> Overall, the smart phone accessories market is silly-lucrative.  For instance, those 'Otterboxes' (protective cases for iPhones) selling for $80 on eBay. WHAT? It's a plastic case. But the sellers are selling consumers more than a box - it's a sense of security and style that they're buying.

Is selling accessories very competitive on eBay? Yes, but NOT NEARLY as much as it was a couple years ago since sellers have left eBay in droves -- now it's easy to stand out from the competition and get more sales than the next guy.  

Is there still a nice part-time income potential? YES. And I found a step-by-step e-book that will show you how to do it. (More details in a moment).

Do you need to buy an e-book to show you how? No! But the book nearly eliminates the guessing for you (and the  guessing will SERIOUSLY handicap you if you want to make a serious business of selling accessories online).

In short, you can get a steady, profitable revenue stream by:

1.) Snapping up accessories from poorly-represented items (i.e. blurry or wrong photo, misspelled or inaccurate title) on eBay, for as little as $.01 ea accessory; then receiving and re-selling them on eBay and/or Amazon.

2.) Finding a reliable Chinese supplier (use, not Alibaba. I used Alibaba or a $500 purchase and the seller on Alibaba was a scam artist - he took my money and ran. AliExpress is a much safer source of suppliers).

3.) Focusing on accessories from the latest 'hot' phones i.e. the iPhone 4 or Blackberry Torch 2 (accessories for most 'yesterday' models lose demand quickly).

4.) Bundling your accessories into an 'Accessory Package' containing (say) a case, a charger, a car charger, a screen protector, or some similar combination;

5.) Emphasizing your 'U.S.A.' location when posting your Packages on eBay (buyers don't want their item shipped from China, they want it trackable, and from the U.S.);


6.) OPTIONAL, IF you also sell stuff on Amazon via FBA - Using Amazon's FBA center to fulfill your eBay orders. In other words, your accessory packages would be sitting in Amazon's Fulfillment center. When your accessory package sells on eBay, you can quickly have Amazon ship the item to your eBay buyer (Amazon does NOT take a comission from sales of this type). By using Amazon to fulfill your order, you can offer 2-day shipping or $9.95 overnight shipping (just increase the price of your eBay's accessory package accordingly). In other words, you're 'using' Amazon's fast shipping infrastructure for your eBay shipping. (This concept is explained in depth by Skip McGrath and's Chris Green here).

Now about that e-book, "Auction Profits Formula" ($19), that shows you how to dominate the accessories market:

> It's a steal at $19. I think the author is crazy for offering it this low (I would have priced it at $27 or higher, because it's worth much more)

> It shows you, step-by-step, how to dominate the iPhone/Smart Phone accessories market on eBay

> It's written by Pete Bruckhsaw, a trusted and reliable provider of 'how-to' eBay strategies

>  I am personally DOUBLE-BACKING Pete's 60-day money back guarantee. In other words, if you request a refund and Pete doesn't honor it (he will, he's reliable), I will personally refund you immediately.

At the very least, watch the video on the sales page because if you thought the iPod/iPhone accessory market is saturated (like I did), you'll be surprised.

Have fun!

Founder, and