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This saves me over $200/month in Accountant fees

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I am thrilled to share with you this killer eSales Bookkeeping Spreadsheet, it is going to make tracking my eBay and/or Amazon sales and expenses a LOT easier. (See it in action in the video below)

If you haven't done it already, NOW is the time to get this system - or ANY excel-based tracking system - in place.

2 reasons I am promoting the eSales Tracking Spreadsheet:
  1. It makes tracking your sales and expenses 'hand-holding' easy with video tutorials;
  2. The way Amazon and Paypal each 'lump' your sales reports into one dreaded .csv file is a HUGE pain-in-the-rear. My transactions alone made up 400 Excel pages and I had to pay a freelancer and my CPA big $$$ to go 'massage' all 400 pages so my expenses and sales could be properly categorized.
If I had this spreadsheet (it's really a 'system') a year ago, I would have saved WAY over $200/month in accountant fees. The cost? A measly one-time charge of $29.97 with free lifetime updates.

ALSO: Remember that Amazon will be reporting your income to the IRS (for the 2011 calendar year) *IF* you have $20,000 or more in annual sales AND 200 or more transactions.

Paypal is doing the same.

Regardless, you can get audited by the IRS if you are misreporting income far less than $20,000. I'm not trying to scare you, but audits to happen occasionally, and you don't want to have messy financials if it happens.

So start tracking your sales and inventory NOW...your CPA/Accountant will THANK YOU come tax-reporting time.

(If your total sales are over $500/month, I highly recommend (in addition to using the eSales) hiring an Accountant/CPA because things get MIGHTY complicated if you are going to report your income and expenses. (They'll get WORSE if you get audited).

I am double-backing this system's 100% Money-Back Guarantee! If for any reason the founder (Vickie) doesn't honor a refund to you (I know she will), I will refund you from my own pocket, personally.

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