By Jordan Malik, MBA/MS & Award-Winning Amazon Pro Merchant & eBay Top Seller


Video #6: This can MAKE you go BOOM or BUST on eBay

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The video below demonstrates that if you get this one tactic wrong on your eBay listing, you can lose a LOT of TRAFFIC and PROFIT.


Video #5: Are you selling on yet?

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If you're selling on eBay already, chances are you have also heard about's merchant program. It's FREE to join, and my video (below) tells you all about it. In the video, I mention 2 resources. The links are:

Amazon merchant sign-up page: (Amazon Merchant sign-up page)
The Proven Amazon Course shows you everything you need to know to sell on Amazon:

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Video #4: GREAT Wholesale Deal for eBay Sellers

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Looking for a great wholesale deal that you can sell on eBay? JUMP on this one. (I make NO Money from promoting this wholesale deal - I have no relationship with the supplier!)

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How-to Video #3: Got eBay Competition? Crush 'em with CRAZY Value!

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Will you lose money if you gave a CRAZY FIVE-YEAR Replacement Guarantee on some of your eBay items? Or would you boost sales? The answer might surprise you. View the video below.