By Jordan Malik, MBA/MS & Award-Winning Amazon Pro Merchant & eBay Top Seller


101 Used Toys To Sell on Amazon (+video)

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I love selling used toys (year round, not just the Holidays).

Why? You can find used toys locally (your own house, your neighbors, your family, thrift stores, yard sales etc.) and they're sold or given away to you for practically nothing.

The 'phenomena' is that many used toys are 'OOP' (out-of-production) and thus demand remains high, but buyers can't find them.

So toy buyers turn to Amazon to find them, and Amazon merchants sellers like us can cash in with exponentially high returns. I mean $15, $20, and up to $100+ profits on items you can find locally for $0 to $5.

My video explains it (below). And I'm practically giving away info on 101 toys that are rather easy to find locally but bring in very high profits on Amazon.

It's never too late to sell Toys on Amazon, as long as you register as an FBA seller. Why not start today? Holiday shopping season is  upon us, and customers go berzerk over used toys as well as new.

Happy profiting with my guide!


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