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What Toys Will Sell for Big Profits this Christmas?

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How can you predict what toys will likely be in high demand this Xmas?

I say 'likely' because predicting with any accuracy can be difficult (remember the hype over the Singamajigs last Xmas? That fizzled out fast).

But if you've been selling on Amazon for a few years, like I have, you learn some 'tricks' along the way that make it a lot easier to figure out which toys may do better than others.

I've been 'buying low' and 'selling high' with the same products on Amazon, for a profit, for several years now (The 'fancy' term is 'retail arbitrage').

This 7-minute video shows you how (double click the video image below if you want to see a larger version)

Some free web tools I mention in the video are: ( price tracker) and
> (product engine that searches almost all major online stores)
> A FREE guide that can help you get started selling on Amazon is here. (this e-book covers selling CDs, DVDs, and books on Amazon, but the method for selling toys is almost identical).

> is The web site that tells you 'exactly what to sell on Amazon, and exactly where to find it' year-round, not just Christmas. ( membership is currently $27/month and $227/annually, but the price goes up October 1.

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