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How I Make 2000%+ Profit on Used Books

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Do you know what I love to sell the most?

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you'd guess 'Toys'. Wrong. I love toys, but I love books, better. Why? Because I earn MUCH MORE PROFIT per dollar spent.

I'll Explain:
I have found *new* Toys that I buy for $10 and sell for (say) $50. That's a gross profit margin (GPM) of 400% (which is phenomenal). BUT I buy used (and new) books and media for UNDER $1 ea and sell them on Amazon for $20 and up. That's a GPM of 2000% (yes, TWO THOUSAND), and I'd say 'that's a miracle' but it's not - because ANYONE can do the same thing.
Need some proof? Ok. WARNING: The $ value of each of my orders MAY SHOCK you:
This screen shot is one of my recent orders. I bought the item at a thrift store for $1.
Here's another one. I bought that item at a Library's used book rack for $1.
Here's another one; and another one. (a used DVD movie about Anorexia is worth $100+?)
I know what you're saying: "Yeah but these are only some of J.B. Sales. I'll bet his other sales are a lot less." Well, that's true. My average 'media' item (CD, Book, DVD, etc.) nets me about $8 profit. That's from an average purchase price of $1 each. So, yes - my average GPM per media item is $700, or 700%. Which is still higher than most of my toy sales, and is still phenomenal.
Like I said, anyone can do this. But you need a roadmap. I have just the e-book for you, and it's 50% off until June 6, 2011.
It's Frank Florence's 'Creative Book Sourcing' ON SALE NOW for $97 $47. Get this: You get ONE FULL YEAR to get your 100% of your money back if you're not satisfied. And I'm backing his guarantee with my own - If for any reason he doesn't refund you (I know he will), *I* will refund you the full amount you paid.
I have read Frank's ebook. It will SURPRISE you how easy it can be to source books and other media to create a solid revenue stream (just like I have done with the examples I showed you).
Remember: ANYONE can sell books and other media online. But if you want to WIN at it, you need a road map like Frank Florence's book. Again, the link for the e-book at 50% off is here, but the 50% off deal is ONLY good for a few days.
Till next time,
-J.B. Malik

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