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Peek at my Amazon Sales; and a New Secret to Book Selling

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I've shown you some screen shots of some of the ridiculous profits I get for selling used books on Amazon -  books that cost me $1 and sell for $20 to $30 and up (= a return on investment - or ROI - of 2000+%).

Here's more proof - Click  here, here, and here. I bought these books at a local library and a couple book sales.  

I know 2,000% and 14,000% Return on Investment (ROI) sounds like I'm on crack, but the numbers are real. Walk into your local bank and tell the manager you want your CD to earn more than 3% ROI and call me when he's done laughing at you.

So you're convinced (I hope) that selling used books can be 'big business', as it is for me. But it can be hard to find enough places to buy profitable books. You'll remember that I addressed that by referencing Frank Florence's Creative Sourcing for Books e-book ($27, and still a steal).

I called Frank's book the 'S.W.A.T.' guide to used book inventory. And I didn't think Frank could top that.

But he just did, with BookSalesFound.

BookSalesFound lists the little-known upcoming book sales in your area, including ones that are not advertised on free sites like BookSaleFinder. The problem with  (unrelated to Frank's BookSalesFound) is that it all the booksellers access this free site to find the major book sales only - thus you'll likely get 50 other sellers like you showing up with their scanners at those sales.

So BookSalesFound is my new secret weapon for finding those 'under-advertised' book sales. 'Under-advertised' book sales mean lesser (or no) seller competition, which means more 'book gold' for me!

There's more. BookSalesFound also lists library book stores in each state. See, many libraries have their own store where they're selling books year-round! Not many other book sellers know about that.

I'm embarrased - because Last year, it took me a couple months to find and document the local, little-known libraries that regularly sold books. And that's just in my area (Long Island, NY). If BookSalesFound were around then, I would have saved a TON of time.

Frank's BookSalesFound comes with a 7-day free trial, and its introductory rate is $19.99/mo. That's incredibly cheap and delivers a lot of book sale intelligence to your fingertips. $19.99/mo is all you'll ever pay (you'll be locked-in, forever). For people who don't sign up, the price will go up to $67 after the introductory period is over.

Do you need to subscribe to BookSalesFound? Absolutely not! Just go to all your local libraries in the region, sign up for their 'Friends of Library' mailing list (which costs about $5 to $15 per library, per year) so you are 'in the know' before every one else. But if you have a lot of libraries in the area, like me, that's a lot to keep track of. Instead, BookSalesFound tells me when and where all the local library sales and library stores are.

- Remember, there is a 7-day FREE Trial of BookSalesFound. If you try it and don't like it, cancel within 7 days and pay nothing.

I'm personally adding MY OWN GUARANTEE to the offer. If you try BookSalesFound and, within 30 days, you decide to cancel, contact me via this blog, and I will refund you via paypal for the entire month's billing. That's how much I believe in BookSalesFound! (Disclosure - This guarantee is MY OWN - it is not offered by the owners of BookSalesFound.)

Have fun!

-J.B., Founder,


Anonymous said...

This site isn't a very "honest one" It just copies information (word for word in some cases) from craigslist and yard sale directories. Its hospital "unknown book sales" are just like scholastic book sales, NEW books at "bargain" prices (not anything you can resell).

As for the book sale portion, there isn't anything new that isn't on or for free. Its not really worth it. (do the free trail and check for yourself, but don't forget to cancel before the trail is up!)

Their $67 retail pricing is a joke, and now that its $20 a month, its even more of a joke.

Jordan Malik said...

@ txbookseller - respectfully I disagree. BookSalesFond consolidates all the information in one place for me. I guess if I had loads of free time, I would hunt-and-peck for area book sales. Plus I know for a fact many of my local libraries (125+) of them in Long Island NY don't advertise their book sales at all, and the only place I've found them is on BookSalesFound. Plus the founder (Frank Florence) is an honest guy who is always adding value to his services like this one.