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Who is Bob Willey and Why is he Threatening Me?

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Hi Online Sellers,

I got an interesting email late last night from someone named Bob Willey. Click here to read it. ( Or copy and paste this into your browser: )

I have no idea what Bob is talking about here, but it looks like some sort of threatening ultimatum. Hmmm.

Any ideas? Comment below.

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tschermuly said...

Its just some guy u pissed off not a big deal.Tell Bob I said to piss off from Arizona.Bob you got tell midnight to leave jordan alone or else there's gonna be a hanging sheman.

Vicki said...

He seems to be just another "kook". There are lots of them out there. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of anymore attention. That's what he wants. Ignore him and he'll go away.

Maureen said...

All I can say is I'm sorry that you have to deal with that, and be careful how much you make this dispute public.

boomer5808 said...

Maybe it's a misguided marketing technique. You write about him,people find his site and he gets traffic. Otherwise,he's just crazy. It will be interesting to see what happens when you don't get out of Dodge.An FBA forum contracted hit, seems extreme.Don't open any ticking packages.Really, I think he just wants exposure.

Ann Lund said...

You do tend towards the controversial it seems. I suspect you know Bob Willey is an FBA seller and Group Moderator for an FBA Forum. I'm a member of the forum too. He is a user of Chris Green's listing and scouting products for FBA.
Your business services are really for a different niche group, so not sure why you are concerned one way or the other? I do understand there are competitors and those with different views in the FBA biz, but why alienate friends and fans of good guys like Bob Willey? It may feel great to vent but this personal issue has nothing to do with selling on Amazon and eBay.

Philip Cressey Jr said...

I wonder if he is the one in Maryland from an internet search I just conducted. I would just totally ignore him. You are letting him beat you and mess with your head. Save the email and if it gets worse you should report it to the police as he or someone imposing as Bob could actually come and physcially assault you. Ignore it for now but if it persists report it to the police.

scrappymomtotwins said...

bob is an employee of fbapower. Chris Green announced that fact a few months ago. However, since Bob did not identify himself as such in the email, who knows if he is acting in an official capacity as an employee with Chris's knowledge and approval, or just running off on his own.

Jordan Malik said...

@ tschermuly - thanks for the laugh, pardner.

@ Vicki - thanks for posting. I'm ignoring him but he's like this year's roster of bad GOP candidates - they just won't go away!

@ Maureen - thanks for your support. Not trying to make this public, just reaching out to folks who may be able to decipher what Bob is carrying on about (because I truly don't know).


Jordan Malik said...

@ boomer5808 - Could be. I have to say since I posted this, if you do a search for "Bob Willey Amazon", "Bob Willey Amazon Seller", or "Bob Willey Amazon FBA", the link to this post comes out #1 or so in the results, so if he's looking for exposure, he got it. You're #1, Bob!

@Ann Lund - I am not trying to alienate Bob, I just wish I knew what he's talking about. He alluded to some issue that is occuring in some forum, and the topic is probably about me and/or (my other site), so he's making whatever issue he has part of the 'selling on Amazon' environment with other forum members.

@Phillip Cressey Jr - LOL that makes him on the East Coast, with me. (I'm in Long Island, NY). I'm close enough to him but I hope he lets his fingers do the walking or something instead.