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Holiday Spending to Jump - Your Questions Answered!

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E-commerce forecasts predict higher spending this year (need proof? see here and here and here)

I'm expecting my sales to double from previous months (they did last year).

Are you ready, too? If you sell on eBay or Amazon or both, your inventory selection is going to be critical (EVERY seller is asking themselves 'What can I sell for big profits?')

And we all know TOYS are among the biggest holiday sellers.

Here are the Questions I hear most from online sellers like you:

Do you have some predictions of hot-selling toys? Yes. Stuff I've already shared with you for free, here and here.

What other Toys can I sell this Holiday? I HIGHLY recommend you purchase either Jenni Hunt's Holiday Toy Guide OR a GOLD subscription to (our VIP subscriptions are temporarily sold out, but you can get on the waiting list for free, here). If these are a little out of your price range, you can get my Amazon Inventory Secrets Bundle here.

Do I HAVE to spend any money to research which toys will be hot? Absolutely NOT. See my FREE TIPS #1 through #5, and #9, here.

Is it too late for me to sell toys on Amazon? Nope. Amazon's holiday restriction does NOT apply to sellers who sell via's FBA Program. Here's all the info you need: Sign up to Sell on Amazon; Add FBA to your existing Amazon seller account; 2011 Holiday Toy selling restrictions.

Do you have questions about selling online this Holiday?  Post your questions by clicking 'Comment' below, or email me at honestonlineselling  @ gmail   . com (remove all spaces).

-Jordan 'J.B.' Malik, Founder &


Double said...

When you ship items to amazaon for fulfillment do you just throw them in the box and amazon takes care of it or what? Say I have a bunch of new box'd toys. Do I need to label them bag them or anything else when I send them into amazon?

Jordan Malik said...

@Double - there are some things you have to do, like yes, label them so Amazon can attribute the commission to the right seller account (Yours). Bagging is recommended if you have an item that is loose or can get dirty easily, and there are restrictions on bagging too (i.e. they have to have proper warning labels). That type of info is here: