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'Fulfillment by eBay' Is Coming! (Wall Street Journal)

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Wow. This would actually be pretty awesome, should eBay pull it off with the same grace and precision that Amazon has with FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon):

EBay Plans Fulfillment Service for Sellers

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See Founder J.B. In a Video (Off-topic, Just for Fun)

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NOTE: This blog has moved to:

Hi Online Sellers.

I want to share with you a local TV news story that contains some footage of me and our 2 dogs (my wife was in a leg cast and did not want to appear in the story). The story was about our House-Call veterinarian.

I'm just showing this to you because I have read that subscribers to blogs like to familiarize themselves with the blog owner/writer, and see who is 'behind' all the postings. So here you go!

(At the very least, you can poke fun of my extra large forehead and uber-geeky voice).

Talk soon,
-Jordan "J.B." Malik
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