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Amazon Pays Buyers to Leave Stores

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Amazon is giving consumers an incentive to compare in-store prices with Amazon's via its iPhone/Android app. If you do, you'll get 5% (up to $5) off the product if it is purchased on Amazon.

This tells me a few things:

1.) When Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said he wants consumers to get everything at Amazon, he meant it.

2.) Amazon can never have enough 3rd-party sellers, whom ultimately are major 'stock' sources for Amazon's inventory (which ranges from the quirky to the commonplace).

3.) Brick-and-mortar stores have gotta really step it up if they want to remain in business. That may mean even lower prices, superior customer service (i.e. as extreme as LandsEnd and/or LLBean's 'return your item anytime in any condition and we'll refund you in full'), and/or or hiring more specialized, more friendly (and more $$$) help; and/or giving greater cash-back incentives (not the sucky ones).

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