By Jordan Malik, MBA/MS & Award-Winning Amazon Pro Merchant & eBay Top Seller


The 3 C's You Should NEVER Do.

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You've heard of the 3 C's of marketing, right? Contact, Connect, Communicate?

How about the 3 C's you should AVOID? I call it: Confuse the Crap out of the Customer. Your company or current employer is likely guilty of the 3C's.

Example: My previous employer (we'll call them RBA - Really Big Agency) shows this diagram (above/right) during client negotiations.

The diagram even has the uber-friendly name 'QueryMatrix'. Sounds like a game in the new TRON Movie.

If that wasn't enough, here's what accompanies the diagram:

"RBA provides innovative solutions within the areas of Digital Content Optimization and Consumer-Initiated Advertising. Our holistic Search Marketing methodology leverages four key strategies to connect your brand to your audience through queries. Each of these strategies corresponds with the intersection of Advertising and Content at the Point-of-Search and Post-Search. The RBA QueryMatrix helps marketers drive more profit from each Search Query by closing the loop from awareness to consideration to engagement to conversion. Click on each arrow to learn more about our Query Marketing Solutions.

Congratulations, You’ve Found RBA."

No: Congratulations, You've Confused the Crap Out of me.

What's wrong here?

Any agency - any company - must communicate the value of their service to their customer clearly and concisely.

Since I've left the agency world (last February), I've seen how ridiculous companies like RBA must look. They try too hard to be 'classy' (there's another 'C' word) when describing what they do. Their executives spend weeks huddled in their conference rooms, pontificating and blowing a lot of hot air around deciding what THEY THINK their customer thinks about them.

The end result? Lots of gobbledy-gook and 4-color diagrams. And a Customer Confused as Crap. Do customers REALLY want to "close the loop from awareness to consideration to engagment." Or do they just need to, um, I dunno, MAKE MORE MONEY?

So what can YOU do that's different?

Whether you sell widgets or marketing programs, DO THE OPPOSITE to your clients: Express your value to customers in 1 sentence, 2 maximum.

Here's an example:

"Tell me what you want to do. I'll automate it so you can make more money."
- Mike Koenigs' Social Media Marketing Machines (Not an agency per se, but Mike provides marketing services to people like Tony Robbins and Paula Abdul).

Clear? Yes. Concise? Yes. Confusing crap? No.

Here's another one:

"Skills to the Pay The Bills." Jeremy Schoemaker's Schoemaker is one of the most sought-after and revered Internet marketers today. His company trains people to earn a living by building robust websites and blogs and monetizing them, honestly and effectively.

Clear? Yes. Concise? Yes. Confusing crap? No.

So what about you? Can you say what your company does in 1-2 sentences? Tell me, maybe I can help you refine it.

Stay Classy, Internet.

-J.B. Malik, Founder


Hot Sellers This Xmas, and Some Duds

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Hello, online sellers.

I hope you're wrapping up (literally) your Xmas shipments to customers and getting ready for at least one day off.

Today,  I'd like to share my online retail hits and misses of the season/year with you. What was hotter than the camera flashes behind Rachel Uchitel? What fizzled out like Michael Vick's season performance?

(Keep in mind that these are from the view of a reseller (like us folks). What was a dud for us to resell still may have been hot in the retail-to-consumer market)

1. DUD: Sing-a-ma-Jigs. Remember the press was ALL OVER this product and it was predicted to be a hit? As of press time, some of these were being sold on Amazon for as little as $6. Nothing like the Zhu-Zhu sensation of 2009 (I remember my Amazon merchant price point of the brown Zhu Zhu's peaking at $60 each last year).

2. HOT (Every Year!). Talking Buzz Lightyear. Every year around Thanksgiving, hocks their talking Buzz Lightyears for a super-cheap sale price of $14.99 to $19.99. I always pick up about 20 of the Ultimate Buzz Lightyears. Little boys DRIVE THEIR PARENTS CRAZY for the talking Buzz Lightyear and It's a hit every year. I sold all 20 for between $45 and $50 each (via Amazon FBA) and I just sold out (This is about a 100% profit margin after all expenses). MAKE SURE (next year) you buy the Talking Buzz Lightyear WITH the pop-out wings that light up on both tips (this seems to be a prerequisite for the die-hard boy fans of the doll).

3. HOT (Every Year Since 2008): The Dark Knight Stealth Launch Batmobile. This was released in 2008 only and it's a hard find. I buy these (new and used) throughout the year on eBay (via my arbitrage method) for $20 to $50 each.  Every Xmas, mine sell for $50 to $150 each via Amazon FBA. Profit margin of 100 to 200% after expenses.

4. HOT: Used and/or New, Out-of-Production Board Games. Make sure these are 100% complete before you ship them to Amazon FBA and/or your customer. Yes, USED games can be hot sellers. I pay $3 to $10 for each of these at thrift stores, yard sales, and/or via online arbitrage, throughout the year. They're actually hot sellers regardless of the time of year.  Examples:
Mall Madness: Used prices via FBA peaked for me at $80.
Acquire (very HTF) sold by me via Amazon FBA for $177.95 (it was new and sealed)
Cranium Cariboo (and other various used out-of-print games by Cranium) peak at about $40 to $90 used.

...Remember, these were picked up by me for $3 to $10 each!

5. HOT: Wisecracking (talking) Spiderman. I bought an armload of these from about a month ago for $14.99 each. They've been selling via Amazon FBA for $34.99 to $49.99 (profit margin of 100%-200% after all expenses/commissions). With the NYC Broadway Show of Spiderman in, ahem, full swing, some Spiderman toys will continue to be hot and I suspect this will be one of them, as it's sold out practically everywhere.

6. DUD: Wow Wee Paper Jamz. I REALLY expected this to take off, but it didn't (I'm lucky I didn't buy any for reselling). Brilliant product, but trying to compete with Guitar Hero, et. al. is difficult. Great execution, but tepid buyer's market.

7. DUD: Squinkies. Another one the press was all over in Oct./Nov. You can still find these on Amazon for $3.99 a pack and up. Not sure why this didn't explode either, but much like the Sing-a-ma-jigs there was a ton of hype and just not explosive demand.

Do you see a pattern above? My hottest sellers were from time-honored brands with a  lot of heritage: Disney (Buzz), Batman/DC (Batmobile) and Marvel/Spiderman (Wisecracking). I call these toys 'evergreens' because I can count on them yearly to bring me in a profit.

What were your HOT Sellers? Duds? Post away (below)!

Stay Classy, Internet.

-J.B. Malik


Deals that Suck, and Going 'Crazy.'

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Hi, online sellers.

Some retail giants have warped ideas about providing value these days. There's a lesson for us Internet marketers here, so bear with me:

- offers $10 off their e-readers (priced $119 and up).

- offers Free Shipping on 'Most Orders Over $249'.

- offers a free BestBuy $50 gift card when you buy a Denon Receiver (which are priced $800 and up).

These 'deals' are underwhelming. They suck. There's VERY little/no value to the consumer. I call them 'Nomotions': Promotions worth nothing.

Rarely do these companies - and thousands others -  'wow' customers into making a purchase.

This is precisely one of the reasons I left the 'real' working world earlier this year: most of the companies I worked for just don't get it.

What does this mean to you?

It means this: If you want to stand out from other sellers, you've got to 'get crazy'.

Last Halloween, I offered all buyers a promise that I'd deliver their item by Halloween or their item would be FREE. And I meant it. I had an almost 100% sell through rate on all my items.

Am I crazy? No. Why?

-I actually did deliver all orders by Halloween. It costs only a few pennnies more for U.S. Postal service delivery confirmation, so I had proof.

-I 'padded' by eBay/Amazon listing schedules with enough days in advance of Halloween so I could ensure orders were indeed delivered on time.

-The risk for me was pretty low. Most of my costume items were $20, not $1000. So if I did miss my "Get it or its Free" deadline, I didn't have to sell a kidney to make up for it.

Oh, I also offer (on most items) a 'NO QUESTIONS ASKED' 30-day return policy. Other sellers offer 7 days, or deduct a restocking fee from the refund. But , I RARELY get a return. Most retailers' return percentages are very, very low - so the risk to them - and us - is incredibly small (provided they're selling quality, reliable goods).

But last Halloween, I didn't see ANY OTHER COMPANY offering the same deal.


They're uncomfortable with taking a risk. They stick to the 'plain vanilla' approach: Don't rock the boat. Don't do anything out of the ordinary. Sellers, that's not good business sense - it's just bad, novice-level marketing.

Still skeptical? The companies below go to great lengths to WOW their customers with "CRAZINESS". Check it:
-Free shipping for shoes, free shipping for returns if you don't like the shoes. And a 365-day return policy. That's ONE YEAR. IS ZAPPOS CRAZY? Yes, and it works: Amazon bought the company last year for $850 Million. Oh, and Zappos has a cult-like HUGE following of dedicated customers because of their craziness.

A few years ago, Hyundai introduced the first-of-its-kind TEN YEAR, 100,000 Mile Warranty when their competition offered 3-year/36,000 miles. And when the economy tanked, Hyundai said if you lease or finance their cars and you lose your job, return the car and owe nothing. IS HYUNDAI CRAZY? Yes, and their cars are now renowned for oustanding quality, style and value.

So how can YOU get a little 'crazy' and stand out from the competition?

-Offer free shipping, regardless of how much the customer spends.
-Guarantee delivery in time for the holidays.
-Provide 'nutty' return policies on goods you know are extra-durable. I have a TWO YEAR exchange policy on one of the $30 toys I sell because I know it never breaks, and if it does, I can send one to the customer because it costs me under $6.

Your competitors will call you crazy. But your customers will be crazy in love with you.
Stay classy, Internet.

-J.B. Malik, Founder,


How I Make 100%+ Profit With (Fancy Term Alert) 'ARBITRAGE'

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About 10% of my revenue comes from inventory I buy on eBay and then sell for a HUGE profit on It's easier than you think, and a whole lot of fun. Click the video for more.

Two links you'll find useful:
1.) Setting up an Amazon Seller account (FREE)
2.) The complete guide ($27) on how to buy low and sell high with eBay 'Arbitrage'

Oh, and if you've never sold on Amazon before, you want to ignore the above video and links and start here instead.

Stay Classy, Internet Sellers...
-J.B. Malik


What Can I Sell Online - TONS of Free Info

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Hi readers!

Last month I gave you some FREE ideas about what to start selling "right now", if you're just getting started and need some inventory right away.

Well I've pooled together some of my best additional resources, ALL FREE, so you can pick from a wide range of items that sell GREAT on eBay and All you gotta do is hunt them down in your local neighborhood (I've included HOW to get these items).

BUT FIRST: Before you buy any inventory for your eBay/Amazon business, be sure to check what the ITEM IS REALLY WORTH by viewing the completed listings for an identical item on eBay. DON'T BUY before you know you can sell it for a profit.

So Bookmark this page for future reference. Ready?

1. SELL USED CHILDREN'S BOOKS. Powerseller Julie Anna Schultz is offering her list of *300 Titles* of Children's books that sell well.

GET HER LIST by subscribing HERE (look for the white and red subscription box on the right of the page.)

YOU CAN FIND these items by going to your local libraries (most of whom sell their out-of-circulation books every day), and/or by going to their annual book sales, and/or by posting a free 'items wanted' ad on your local site.


2. SELL USED ITEMS from ESTATE SALES. Estate sales are run by liquidation companies that go into peoples' homes to liquidate all their contents. You can find some goodies in there. I typically go right for the CDs, VHS tapes, DVDs, and Books but you have to know what to look for so you can resell them for higher profits.

YOU CAN FIND ESTATE SALES local to you here.


3. SELL YOUR EXPERTISE. Do you have an expertise in something? Do you knit well? Are you an expert in restoring old Chevy Camaros? Did you win 1st prize for your apple pie in a baking contest. Well if you haven't yet, you REALLY need to take pictures or a video of you knitting/restoring/baking the product to completion, have your son/daughter/neighbor's kid burn the video to a CD, and sell the CD on eBay. Buyers LOVE How-to demonstrations in little 'niche' markets. These "how-to" CDs are called "Infoproducts" or 'e-Books"

YOU CAN FIND FREE INFORMATION on making Infoproducts/e-Books HERE.


4. SELL PRODUCTS FROM WHOLESALERS. Yes, this can be done, you don't need to buy 1000 of the same item. Many wholesalers work with small sellers like you and me. (I'm not talking about dropshipping here, there's no money in that. What I recommend is that you buy items in bulk from a wholesaler, have those items shipped to YOUR home/business, and you sell the items on Amazon, eBay, etc.) WARNING: There are many crooks and gimmicks among wholesalers. That's why my ONLY TRUSTED SOURCE of RELIABLE wholesale information is WorldWide Brands.

YOU CAN FIND FREE 'HOW TO' information on buying wholesale here.


5. SELL RETIRED YANKEE CANDLES. Believe it or not, this is a lucrative niche market. Say that a customer buys Yankee's Leather Scent candle, and then Yankee Candle stops production of that scent. That's where you come in. Leather-scent Yankee candles have fetched upwards of $200 on eBay. Other retired and 'seasonal-only' Yankee candles increasing in value are: White Christmas, Vanilla sandlewood, Vineyard, Dark Roasted Coffee, Spa Fresh.

YOU CAN FIND Retired/'Seasonal' Yankee Candles at: Your local Yankee Candle store, Your nearest Yankee Candle Outlet, your nearest Bed Bath and Beyond, and by placing a a free 'items wanted' ad on your local site.


6. SELL PRE-OWNED HOT FASHION BRANDS. Suzanne Wells is giving away her FREE e-book here. It provides the hot-selling brands of apperal, house goods, etc., that are hot ebay sellers.

YOU CAN FIND pre-owned hot fashion brands at local estate sales, local thrift stores, and yard sales posted on your local site. Or get folks to contact you if they have the items, by placing a free 'items wanted' ad on your local site.

7. SELL PRE-OWNED GYMNASTIC LEOTARDS. Ok this sounds silly, but you Moms out there know how ridiculously expensive it is to get gymnastic apparel for you kids. And you also know how quickly they outgrow it! Well they sell like hotcakes, typically in lots, on eBay. Don't pay more than $2 per leotard, and make sure they're in good condition before buying! (No stains, rips, heavy wear, etc.)

YOU CAN FIND pre-owned gymnastic leotards at local thrift stores and yard sales posted on your local site . Or get folks to contact you if they have them, by placing a free 'items wanted' ad on your local site.


So those are 7 more ideas to get you started right away. If this intrigues you and you want to know what else you can "Find Locally and Sell Globally" RIGHT NOW, check out this e-book from my colleague Skip McGrath. It has a lot more ideas and comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back.

Happy Hunting!


What Can I Start Selling Online RIGHT NOW?

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Every new online seller I bump into is searching for the answer to "What can I sell RIGHT NOW"?  Hey, we're all anxious to sell more and make money, right? So I'm going to let you in on some of my secret items, 100% Free for you. This in a moment.

The follow-up question I get is 'Great, but how do I find those items'? To start, I suggest people either look at ads on, where people might be unloading those items. But more reliable is if you place an 'ITEMS WANTED' ad in your local Craigslist (which is free).

So here are items you can get locally in your town/neighborhoods (or maybe in your own home), and start selling the items on and/or right away.

1. Used Books. One category of used books that continuously sells very well is Owner's manuals and Repair Manuals for Cars (and motorcycles and trucks). The reason is everyone owns a used car or two (or more) in their lifetime, and they need repair manuals to fix them. So these books are in demand. You can find these manuals at your local garage sales or thrift stores and buy them for a buck each. I recently purchased a Ford Taurus repair manual and a Chevy Camaro repair manual for $1 each and they sold for $15 and $25 on Amazon. Or place a 'WANTED' ad on Craigslist asking people to let you buy their used car manuals. For more on selling books online, you can see my previous posts here.

2. Used Toy Batmobiles and Lego Batmobiles. This is my expertise (and I can't believe I'm giving this secret away). It's actually not just Batmobiles, you could do this with any other highly-collectible toy. I place local Craigslist ads saying 'Toy Batmobiles wanted', and I pay up to $5 each depending on type, condition. Toy batmobiles from the 1980s and 1990s, and even from the past couple years, can fetch up to $100. Do a search on for 'Batmobile' or a 'Completed Items' Search on eBay for 'Batmobile' and you'll see what I mean when you check their selling prices. USED lego Batmobiles from the 2000s fetch up to $135+; and USED Kenner Batmobile Toys from the 1980s and 1990s can fetch up to $100+. See more of my Batmobile selling success on my post here.

3. Used Thomas Train Sets. Same concept as above. View the completed listings on eBay and get a load of those selling prices. You just have to place a 'WANTED' ad in Craigslist, buy the toys, and post them on eBay. USED Thomas trains can fetch up to $200 and more.

4. Vintage Griswold Skillets. Yes, the iron skillets your grandmother used for cooking. Be sure they are of the 'Griswold' brand. I personally do not have experience in this but the selling prices on eBay, up to $800+, speak for themselves.

5. Name Brand, Seasonal Big Lots of Baby Clothing. By 'Name Brand', I mean Gap, Ralph Lauren, OshKoshB'gosh, etc. By 'Seasona'l I mean stuff that parents are buying for their kids now. By 'Big Lots' I mean you should sell them in lots of 30 to 50 pieces. Your best bet for this is to place an ad on Craigslist asking for clothing donations, and that you'll pick them up. Or go to garage sales and wait for the end of the sale to offer $5 to $10 per garbage bag full of clothing. Some people will be happy to just give it to you. You shouldn't pay more than $1.00 per clothing item, because you need to make a healthy profit (50-piece lots of USED baby clothing on eBay have sold for up to about $200).  When listing your lots on eBay, you don't have to take a picture of every piece individually, but you should have a few pictures showing several pieces in detail, and one picture showing the entire lot. Also watch your shipping fees, as clothes in bundles are heavy, so your shipping cost can add up and you should build that into your pricing, as Buyers will probably balk if you try to charge them $25 for shipping.

So there are five ideas to get you started right away. If this intrigues you and you want to know what else you can "Find Locally and Sell Globally" RIGHT NOW, check out this e-book from my colleague Skip McGrath. It has a lot more ideas and comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back.

Do Great Stuff, and Have Fun!


Wholesaler Information from a Trusted Source

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I get loads of inquiries from eBay and sellers about where they can find reliable wholesalers that will work with them (i.e., will sell small quantities of products to us online sellers). Although I don't buy much wholesale products myself, fellow eBay Powerseller Skip McGrath does. And he has put together a wonderful resource that I wholeheartedly endorse, The eBay Wholesale Buying System. This shows you how to find reputable wholesalers, how to deal with them, etc. While you're at it, check out Skip's FREE List of 44 Wholesale Resources. Skip has been in the online selling business for a while now, and he's one of the best.

Are You a Local Business? Get on Google, FREE

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Hi, readers.

I published a How-To guide that shows you how to get listed in Google's Local Business search results. The guide is FREE, just go HERE to get your copy. No registration required!

That's it - no catch, just good ol' fashioned marketing help, absolutely free!

-J.B. Malik


My eBay Secret Exposed - The item that ALWAYS Sells for a profit

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This item gets me 100% TO 200% profits YEAR-ROUND. Watch the video (below) to see what it is and where to get it!


Video #10: How I Got 300+% Profit Margin (in Just 20 days) Selling Used Books

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I've posted several videos in the past 2 weeks or so documenting my progress selling used books on My profit margin is huge - can you think of another product (aside from e-books) that gets you a 300+% profit margin? Check out the video below.

The 3 things you need to start SUCCESSFULLY selling on Amazon are here (and mentioned in the video):
> Adam Bertram's "Used Books - Big Business" How-To e-book ($27)
>'s Link to sign up as an merchant (Free)
> 's PDA Scanners (starting at $397 (refurb) plus $50/month)
Yes, I'm making a profit selling used books online, and yes, YOU CAN TOO!
Happy Selling!


How to Buy Merchandise and Sell it for Big Profits

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Many eBay sellers ask me "How can I quickly get my hands on some merchandise and sell it for a profit online?". Well my friend John Bullard Jr. has it all figured out. This guy is amazing - he scours the web and local stores for great deals he knows will sell for high profits online -- and then he posts about it!

You can buy his video series of how to do this - or just subscribe to his free newsletter where he gives away a lot of his ideas. Both can be found here.

Monday Selling Expert Spills the Beans!

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Last month I posted this video that encourages eBay sellers to 'diversify' by selling on The author of my #1 recommended How-To book on Selling on Amazon, Steve Lindhorst, recently discussed the differences in selling on eBay and Amazon in this podcast (source: Listen to the free mp3 recording here.


Video #9: How I made a Profit my *1st Week* selling Used books on

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Selling used books on can be HUGELY Profitable,. My previous videos showed you how to get started selling used books on Amazon, this one (below) shows you my profits after the 1st week of selling.

The 3 things you need to start SUCCESSFULLY selling on Amazon are here: > Skip McGraths's "Sell Used Books on eBay, and the Internet for Profit" How-To e-book ($27)

>'s Link to sign up as an merchant (Free)

> 's PDA Scanners (starting at $397 (refurb) plus $50/month)

Yes, I'm making a profit selling used books online, and yes, YOU CAN TOO!

Happy Selling!


Video #8 (Part II): Need Products to Sell Online? Used Books Get BIG Profit Margins

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Part II. Includes my 'secret weapon' so I can choose the RIGHT type of products to buy, no matter where I am! (For Part II, go here)

The links I mention in the video are:
Used Books- Big Business:


Video #8 (Part I): Need Products to Sell Online? Used Books Get BIG Profit Margins

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If you're selling online, you don't need whiz-bang products to make a nice profit. Finding and Selling used books is fun and can generate profit margins of 700% and up (as I found out by doing it myself). Check out the video below. Part II tomorrow!

This book is just $27 and gives you all the info you need to get started.


Video #7: Make Money with Storage Auctions

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Looking for deals that you can turn around and sell on eBay for BIG Profits? You can find high-profit items right in your own town with Storage Auctions. Their inventory is cheaper and easier to get than you think. Check out my video below. Then get my mini e-book about Storage Auctions here.


Video #6: This can MAKE you go BOOM or BUST on eBay

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The video below demonstrates that if you get this one tactic wrong on your eBay listing, you can lose a LOT of TRAFFIC and PROFIT.


Video #5: Are you selling on yet?

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If you're selling on eBay already, chances are you have also heard about's merchant program. It's FREE to join, and my video (below) tells you all about it. In the video, I mention 2 resources. The links are:

Amazon merchant sign-up page: (Amazon Merchant sign-up page)
The Proven Amazon Course shows you everything you need to know to sell on Amazon:

Please leave a comment after the video, I really want your feedback!

Video #4: GREAT Wholesale Deal for eBay Sellers

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Looking for a great wholesale deal that you can sell on eBay? JUMP on this one. (I make NO Money from promoting this wholesale deal - I have no relationship with the supplier!)

Please leave a comment after the video!


How-to Video #3: Got eBay Competition? Crush 'em with CRAZY Value!

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Will you lose money if you gave a CRAZY FIVE-YEAR Replacement Guarantee on some of your eBay items? Or would you boost sales? The answer might surprise you. View the video below.


How-To Video #2: Easy-To-Make Videos Can Send THOUSANDS of visitors to Your Site

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You can create little videos of the product(s) you sell, and upload the videos to Youtube VERY easily - so easy, you'll be surprised. If you set up the videos correctly in Youtube, it will help drive traffic to your online store/ebay listing. You can do it to! Watch the video below first, then see the other links on the bottom of this post, for more info.

More Info: How to Set Up a free Youtube Account

More Info: How to use to create a video for free.

How-To Video #1: How to 'Flip' an Ebay Listing for Profit

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One way I make a nice 'income stream' is by finding poorly-described items on Ebay, winning them via eBay's auction, and then making a nicer, more accurate listing and selling that item at a nice profit (often 100% to 200% more than what I paid). View the video to see how this is done - anyone can do it! You just need an eBay account (Free), and a Paypal account (also free).