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My Prediction - a Hot Toy to Resell This Christmas

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I get the question all the time from online sellers: "What will be the hot toys that I can sell on eBay/Amazon this Xmas?"

And my answer is "Avoid the new fads, stick with toys in the traditional brands/franchises - Disney Cars, Barbie, Batman, Disney Princess, Marvel Spiderman, Disney Toy Story, etc."

That's because fads are unpredictable: last Xmas. the much-hyped Sing-a-ma-jigs and Squinkies were lousy toys to resell (=no or little profit to buy and then resell online). But the predictable franchises (i.e. Batman, Disney, etc.) do well every year because, quite simply, kids' demand for the toys frequently outstrips supply and/or the perception of buyers is that the toy will not be in stock if they wait too long.

But I think I *may* have a predicted winner here - the My Keepon -  *IF* you're able to get your  hands on it (it will only be available this October  - you can't get it now). There are 4 reasons why I'm predicting this will be a boon for online resellers:

-- Exclusivity. ToysRUs will be the only official retailer. That means scarcity. Scarcity mean low supply, and low supply drives up price for resellers like you.

-- Truly dynamic technology in the toy. Sing-a-ma-jigs and Zhu Zhu pets lost their appeal - and their price premiums - quickly because the novelty wore off. They were essentially 1-trick-pony toys. My Keepon has advanced software in it that makes the toy more 'human' and random in its movements and 'communication.'

-- Personalization - creators of the toy intend to make it customizable by other 'programmers' (not sure if that is everyday folk who can program it, or software geeks), and any product that can be sold and then personalized can command big bucks.

The price point is supposed to be around $50. My suggestion:  Keep your eyes peeled for this at your local ToysRus in October and snap a few up. Then list them on Amazon or eBay for $150 each and watch the competitive pricing closely. Adjust pricing accordingly - the worst thing that could happen is you break even or sell them at a slight loss - or return them if they're a total flop.

Again, I can't guarantee what's going to happen with this toy, but all indications point to a truly robust 'winner' that will be very hard to find as Christmas draws closer. So if you can get your hands on them in October (expect Toys R Us to limit you to (say) '2 per person'), you may be able to profit really nicely from them.

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