By Jordan Malik, MBA/MS & Award-Winning Amazon Pro Merchant & eBay Top Seller


How-To Video #2: Easy-To-Make Videos Can Send THOUSANDS of visitors to Your Site

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You can create little videos of the product(s) you sell, and upload the videos to Youtube VERY easily - so easy, you'll be surprised. If you set up the videos correctly in Youtube, it will help drive traffic to your online store/ebay listing. You can do it to! Watch the video below first, then see the other links on the bottom of this post, for more info.

More Info: How to Set Up a free Youtube Account

More Info: How to use to create a video for free.

How-To Video #1: How to 'Flip' an Ebay Listing for Profit

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One way I make a nice 'income stream' is by finding poorly-described items on Ebay, winning them via eBay's auction, and then making a nicer, more accurate listing and selling that item at a nice profit (often 100% to 200% more than what I paid). View the video to see how this is done - anyone can do it! You just need an eBay account (Free), and a Paypal account (also free).