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My Guest Post on Shoemoney - Have a Laugh

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I just wrote a guest blog post (and got a free Verizon mifi card for doing so) on the world-renowned internet marketing site

Jeremy Shoemaker and his first big Adsense Check for $130K
If you don't know who Shoemoney (Jeremy Shoemaker) is, he's probably one the brightest (and most trusted) Internet marketers in the industry. A few years ago (right before he became a multi-millionaire), he practically tripped over Google Adsense (in the early days, when Google Adsense made folks lots of money) and got at least one check for $130,000 in Adsense earnings. (By comparison, I think my highest Adsense check was $100).

(I'm not endorsing anything that offers here because he primarily teaches Internet Marketing (not selling on eBay or Amazon) - his programs do work, though)

Anyway, Hope you can get a laugh by reading my post (especially my 'bio' at the bottom).

-J.B. Malik, Founder of and

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