By Jordan Malik, MBA/MS & Award-Winning Amazon Pro Merchant & eBay Top Seller


Anyone Can (Still) Use eBay to Boost Sales

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You've received a lot of info from me about selling on Amazon. But I can't emphasize enough the power of eBay and how it remains and outstanding selling tool for certain items. (I recently noted that bundled cell phone accessories are still a good money-maker for eBay sellers).

Skip McGrath (an early online selling 'pioneer' who has mastered the art of selling on eBay) sums this up in his latest newsletter (To read his newsletter for free, Click here, then scroll down to the right and select 'Current Month').

Both Skip and I agree that eBay is best for unique items (i.e. collectibles) that you can't normally sell on Amazon; AND for real estate, and cars, and other motor vehicles like my father-in-law's RV (which gets 1,000 page views every time I post it). You'd be hard pressed to reach a larger body of potential buyers for such items.

There are some tips in Skip McGrath's current newsletter of how easy it can be to find things to sell on eBay for a profit. Click on the image above to go to Skip's page, and then click on 'Current Month' to get right to today's newsletter with the eBay info.

Also, now eBay lets you put longer titles for the products you sell: 55 characters to 80. TIP: add extra keywords that shoppers for your item, or similar item. will use. For instance, the title for my current listing for a custom LED light kit I make for the 1966 diecast Hot Wheels Batmobile is "LED Light Kit Upgrade 1/18 Hot Wheels Batmobile Barris" , but now I can add other keywords I couldn't fit before, so my new title might be something like "LED Light Kit Upgrade 1/18 Hot Wheels Batmobile Barris 1966 Adam West" (Batmobile enthusiasts refer to the same model Batmobile as the '1966 Batmobile' and/or 'Adam West Batmobile').

Let me know what you think about selling on eBay today!