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Amazon Sellers: Why You Should Avoid Price Wars

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Another reason why Amazon sellers don't need to 'race to the bottom' with their prices:
Amazon goes after last-minute shoppers (

(In other words: Last minute shoppers LOVE shopping on Amazon because of their free shipping deals. Those shoppers are LESS price-sensivitive when they just 'gotta have it' in time for the Holidays .... This gives you, as an Amazon FBA Seller, more time to keep your prices higher and avoid the potential catastrophe of missing out on profit margins by getting into a price war with other sellers).

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My Worthless MBA (and what I did about it).

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If I'm not banned from my alma mater by now, I will be after posting this.

(Note: You're only going to find this post useful IF:
- You're considering pursuing an MBA ($$$) in marketing, and/or
- You provide, or want to provide, mobile/social marketing services for your/other companies, and/or
- You want to get a loyal customer/reader following)

I have always said my MBA has contributed ZERO to my success as an Amazon seller and as an Amazon 'expert.'

That's because most MBA programs are way, way out of touch with giving you truly robust skills to 'win' at marketing today.

Today I get my 'real world' marketing knowledge and skills (my 'mojo') from online experts like Mike Koenigs (I'm a customer of his). And I pay a fraction (or nothing at all) versus the $40,000 I paid for an MBA.

He has a quick, FREE and FUN video series I want you to check out here.

Remember, if you just 'straight sell' products online and you're not interested truly marketing your business, this is probably not for you.

For the rest of you, that link again is here.

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