By Jordan Malik, MBA/MS & Award-Winning Amazon Pro Merchant & eBay Top Seller


I have a face for radio!

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(My gradeschool teachers always told me that, anyway).

On WSRadio tonight (11/29) 6PM EST/3PM Pacific, I'll be spilling the 'secrets' about finding used toys and reselling them on Amazon/eBay with the legendary Queen of Online Retail, Janelle Elms (founder of OSIRockstars and another dozen online seller resources).

(This will be useful to you whether or not you've purchased

I promise to make this entertaining AND helpful to you. Be there....(Go to this link and then click on 'Radio > Listen' at the top dark blue menu bar).

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reg55 said...

Just listen to the replay of your radio interview and like you said the "Face for Radio" they could of used a little more make up... Great information you gave her listeners, I hope that you have benefited in the plugs for your book... Thanks for sharing the link to the replay... Happy Holidays to you and your lovely wife and of course those cute dogs...
Reg B.