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Survey: 60% of Booksellers Sell on Amazon

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I recently expressed how used book selling has been extremely profitable for me because of the very low cost of inventory (used books) and the exponentially high return on investment (ROI) that I have made.

Well, (a web site that can alert you, via email, to local Book Sales) just released its survey results. (They recently surveyed thousands of used book sellers and used book buyers to examine their business performance and strategies).

I found the results very interesting. Some highlights:

> About half of the respondents sold books as their 'Full Time Job'
> The majority of book sellers get their books primarily from Book Sales; and 'runner-up' sources of books for them is thrift stores and estate sales.
> Most of the book sellers store their books at home and ship them from home (a comparatively very small segment use fulfillment by Amazon)

Here is the link to all the survey results. It's a quick read.

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I'm not singing all this praise to drum up sales. I don't know Frank personally (although I am one of his affiliates). But he's one of the VERY few book selling experts who just spills his guts on the topic - and now everything he knows is yours for the taking. 

Also, he offers a FULL YEAR if you want your money back. No questions asked. And I am double-backing his guarantee. If for any reason he doesn't pay you back (he will - he's trustworthy), I will, from my own pocket.

If you want to contribute to your revenue stream by selling books on Amazon (or any other site), you need this book. Don't pass it up.

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Bob Case said...

What do the experts think about physical book sales vs. e-book sales as we move forward?