By Jordan Malik, MBA/MS & Award-Winning Amazon Pro Merchant & eBay Top Seller


'Fulfillment by eBay' Is Coming! (Wall Street Journal)

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Wow. This would actually be pretty awesome, should eBay pull it off with the same grace and precision that Amazon has with FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon):

EBay Plans Fulfillment Service for Sellers

-J.B. Malik


Andrew J Titcombe said...

I doubt whether it will be as easy to use as the Amazon model PLUS (also based on their history) eBay will change the rules every six months to leave you wondering why you joined in the first place
It will also initially only be available to the BIG sellers (I would guess) as eBay seems to have forgotten their roots and mostly favours the big boys
Finally as a UK based seller I would expect it not to happen outside the USA for a long time
having complained like that I do think it is a brave and forward looking step and should be welcomed (and used) by those who can benefit
Amazon FBA rocks and thanks again JB for keeping us updated on all things FBA

Anonymous said...

It would take a lot to convince me to send any of my stock to eBay for disbursement. In fact I don't think I can be convinced.

Sigh...I miss what eBay used to be.

Vicki said...

The more I use FBA, the less I like eBay. Nothing they do makes sense to me! I wish them luck, but have serious doubts!

Vicki said...

The more I use FBA the less I like eBay. I still buy and sell on eBay, but they really make some dumb decisions! I'll sit back and watch for a LONG time before I send anything into them to handle for me!