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NOTE: This blog has moved to:

Hi Online Sellers.

I want to share with you a local TV news story that contains some footage of me and our 2 dogs (my wife was in a leg cast and did not want to appear in the story). The story was about our House-Call veterinarian.

I'm just showing this to you because I have read that subscribers to blogs like to familiarize themselves with the blog owner/writer, and see who is 'behind' all the postings. So here you go!

(At the very least, you can poke fun of my extra large forehead and uber-geeky voice).

Talk soon,
-Jordan "J.B." Malik
Founder, and


reg55 said...

Thought that was a pretty good interview, not much camera time for you(lol) Love the concept of local news stories done... Great idea to kick one off here in California

Andrew J Titcombe said...

Beautiful pets ........BUT not sure about the owner (lol) Get story JB Thanks for sharing and greetings from the NW corner of England UK Andrew PS my wife thinks you look pretty good so maybe I was wrong about the owner!!

J.B. Malik said...

@reg55 - Thanks Reg!

@Andrew - I must say your good wife has some excellent taste :) Personally any time I need a good scare I just look in the mirror :)