By Jordan Malik, MBA/MS & Award-Winning Amazon Pro Merchant & eBay Top Seller


eBay/Amazon Experts Say my "B.L.e.S.H.a." System Works

Skip McGrath's latest free newsletter says my guide "shows examples of how [to find things on ebay] selling for pennies that are actually quite valuable because the seller didn’t know what they had." You can read his entire post here

(I call Skip the 'Godfather of online selling' because he truly is one of the most revered experts for selling anything online, and he's been at it the longest. (Full disclosure: Skip is an affiliate of my B.L.e.S.H.a. guide).

Nathan Homquist's latest Blog post says he has used my B.L.e.S.H.a. strategy to purchase electronics on eBay and then sell them on eBay for double the price. I got my start selling on Amazon with Nathan's free e-guide, and he is one of the major reasons I have made  $105,000 via Amazon FBA in 2011. (Full disclosure: Nathan is an affiliate of my B.L.e.S.H.a. guide).

You can get my "B.L.e.S.H.a." guide here, or just view the video below.


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