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Bloomberg News talks about Amazon FBA

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Here's a terrific story about the positive impact 3rd-party Amazon sellers (like you or me) are making on Amazon's bottom line:

The highlight for online sellers, if you take away just one point, is "[Amazon is] training the consumer to start and end their shopping process at Amazon".

In other words, Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos wants consumers to rely on Amazon for all their 'consumer needs', which makes for a friendly atmospher for us 3rd party sellers because we find (among other things) goods that fill in those tiny niches.

(In other words, if an Amazon Prime customer in Beaver Creek, Montana needs a package of 1500 live Ladybugs shipped to his/her door in 2 days, chances are they'll find it on Amazon.)

If you're not selling on Amazon yet, here's a free guide to get you started (it's the same one I used when I started 3 years ago).


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