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Amazon Begs Sellers, Part One: 9,231 Toys Wanted

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Some/all Amazon FBA Sellers (including myself) got the below email from Amazon today. This is a gold mine of information - Amazon is essentially giving you the exact information about 9200 HOT HOT HOT 'Toys and Games' items that they are running low on. Read more below. 

Why is this information a 'gold mine'?  Because these items have extremely good sales ranks AND they are in short supply in Amazon, you (as an Amazon seller) can essentially 'name your price' (within reason) if you are able to source any of these. (Good-bestseller-ranked items in short supply mean that customer Demand is far outpacing Supply. Pure 'economics' lets you raise the price of an item in short supply, that is in high demand. That's just the nature of efficient markets). 

How can you find some of these 9,200+ toys? Some are impossible to find, of course, but you can do a search on (which searches multiple online stores), or place a wanted ad in your local neighborhood (a successful method many of my subscribers have had via my instructions in this guide).

Amazon's email to sellers is below:

Dear FBA Seller,

Thank you for selling on with our Fulfillment by Amazon service (FBA).

Right now, there are Toys products that have high customer demand but that aren't being fulfilled by Amazon (but may be in the future). If you have any of these products or can get them, you might want to list them on and fulfill them using FBA.  Note that, at this time, we are looking for products in new condition only.   

We know that customers love buying items with FBA benefits, such as FREE Super Saver Shipping, Amazon Prime, and Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery, so this is a great time to consider testing a small quantity of these items in FBA.

See the list of 9,231 products here:  (Link will expire in 14 days)

Thank you again for selling on
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reg55 said...

J.B.Thank you for this valuable information... I will use this to grow my business... Have a great week!
Reg B.

eBest Marketing said...

JB. Another great post. I'm already on the list!!