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9 FREE Ways to Source Inventory to Sell on eBay or Amazon

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"I think that all the great adventures can be written on the back of a beer soaked napkin"
- David Lee Roth

Online sellers:

Click on this, then print it out and keep it handy.
Sometimes I marvel at how simple things are, yet we're afraid to try them because they seem too simple. (We're trained to think that becoming successful at selling online requires deep complexity, aren't we?)

But really, the fundamentals are simple: Learn what sells well online, source the crap out of it, and sell it, again and again.

I have a handful of my favorite niche-hot, out-of-production toys that I source locally (for $10 or less ea.) and sell (and  repeat again and again) for 125- 175%+ ROI (Return on Investment).

Because my eBay/Amazon listing stays the same, I just keep replenishing my inventory, and relisting the item.

Now I'm giving you the same method I use. All you have to do is think of one of your favorite things to sell online (particularly something rare, used, or out of production):

- Maybe it's a VHS copy of a rare film

So whatever your 'favorite item to sell is' use my ideas (in the diagram above) to "source the crap out of it."

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