By Jordan Malik, MBA/MS & Award-Winning Amazon Pro Merchant & eBay Top Seller


Why I LOVE eBay's Seller Fee Increase!

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I LOVE it when eBay increases their fees (I'm being serious!). Think I'm crazy? View my latest video (below) and I'll tell you why. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK. Click on 'POST a COMMENT' at the end of this post.
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The TOP 10 Reasons You Can't Ignore Selling on eBay (intended for U.S.-based Sellers):

1. No other site has the GLOBAL reach and MASSIVE audience for products that you CAN'T Sell on Amazon (Think: Cars, Boats, RVs, motorcycles, Houses, Vintage/Used Clothing, Vintage memorabilia, and more).

2. eBay is the ONLY site (aside from Amazon) with a MASSIVE audience AND built-in buyer and seller protection (buyer and seller ratings, Paypal payment verification and seller protection, etc.)

3. eBay is the ONLY MASSIVE e-Commerce site that has 'built-in' search engine optimization for your own listing. For instance, go to and type in "Batmobile LED Kit". See the first listing? It's on eBay and that's my product! I didn't have to do anything to get it on Google!

4. eBay is the ONLY site where you can TEST product PRICING (via an auction) with a LARGE audience.You can change prices as much as you want until you hit the 'sweet spot' where your customers are the most apt to buy from you.

5. eBay is the ONLY MASSIVE site (other than Amazon) that gives you exposure to MILLIONS of INTERNATIONAL buyers.

6. Amazon CAN Shut you down, and permanently ban you from selling. This has happened to other sellers. If you look at my video above, you'll see the only other site with TENS of MILLIONS of visitors monthly is eBay. (The reverse can happen too, if you sell only on eBay and not on Amazon. So, DIVERSIFY and sell actively on both eBay and Amazon

7. eBay is the ONLY MASSIVE e-commerce site where you can pay (a ridiculously low $39.95) to get the vehicle you're selling at the TOP of the search results.

8. eBay is the ONLY MASSIVE e-commerce site where you can list an auction item for FREE (beg. 4/19/11) and pay a commission only if it sells.

9. Fickle Sellers peeved at eBay's Latest Fee Changes are going to leave. That's GREAT because it means LESS competition for you!

10. eBay is STILL a RIPE SOURCE of goods you can snap up and 'flip' on Amazon for HUGE Profits.

11. (sorry, one more). eBay is still one of the CHEAPEST marketing methods to promote your goods to a HUGE audience. Direct mail, TV, radio, Google Adwords can be (or already are) expensive; and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be a long, arduous process. I will GLADLY pay eBay's seller fees and commissions because I know I can't market my stuff any cheaper.


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reg55 said...

Hi J.B.;
I see your point that don't put all of your eggs in one basket. There is one thing on the video I had a hard time understanding it with out sound. Your video's in the past where you talked and explain the items I found more fulfilling. But that's for the heads up. I am selling my used books and Amazon, and eBay with more selling on Amazon...
Reg B.

J.B. Malik said...

Hey Reg55 great to hear from you and thanks for the kind words. re: volume I checked out the video and there definitely is my voice, loud and clear. Are the volume settings on yoru computer and/or right on the youtube video itself turned up?

-J.B. Malik

Lynn said...

Great video (and I had no problem with the sound). I always look forward to hearing from you as you walk the talk and are always generous in sharing your knowledge.
I totally agree with you that in spite of all the unpopular changes eBay have made over the past couple of years, it's still a cost-effective way to reach a global audience. Although I sell media items on Amazon, eBay is my main selling platform for my niche in the collectibles category and I certainly don't plan to jump ship any time soon.
Keep up the good work (and keep on doing great things ;-) )
Lynn (UK)

J.B. Malik said...

Lynne - great to hear from someone 'across the pond', and it's awesome to hear that eBay is working for you in the collectibles niche. Thanks for writing!

Alfred said...

Very informative video JB i dont sell alot of ebay yet, im kind of new to this but would like to learn how to make extra $$ selling! on ebay.

I understand alot of sellers leaving because of fee's increasing, just curious how much of that RV is going to ebay?.. can you still make a profit on an item like that.
I enjoy 1/18 diecast cars and find it hard to get a good deal with the high ship cost alot of sellers put up, but dont understand how ebay taking 12% of shipping is going to help out its customers?
anyways appreciate the info and look forward to viewing the others.

J.B. Malik said...

@Alfred - thanks for the feedback. You make a great point - obviously eBay is out to make as much money as they can from their sellers. They claim that by charging sellers a percentage of the seller's shipping fees, it will encourage sellers to offer free shipping. Study after study (independent of eBay) show that many buyers will pay a HIGHER item price if they can get free shipping (versus a lower item price with a shipping charge). Sellers overcharging shipping fees, in general, has been a longtime problem on eBay (and I agree that too many sellers are asking ridiculously high shipping prices), so I do believe that eBay's taking of a percentage will thus encourage SOME sellers to offer free shipping, and the buyers will win in the end.

-J.B. Malik
Founder, and