By Jordan Malik, MBA/MS & Award-Winning Amazon Pro Merchant & eBay Top Seller


These 2 Images Make me BLUSH!

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Two things to share with you:

1: just awarded me for being a TOP AMAZON SELLER for the Holiday Season (2010). Click here to see it!

2: I just posted my 2011 Amazon Sales TO DATE. My net profit margin (not shown) is 65% of my sales. Click here to see it!

Now if I can easily source and sell products on Amazon for a 65% profit margin,  YOU can, too! The Proven Amazon Course (PAC) shows you MORE than everything I already know! Remember I am DOUBLE-BACKING the PAC's No-Questions-Asked 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Stay Classy, Online Sellers.

-J.B. Malik


PeterZ said...


CONGRATULATIONS. You deserve it.

Peter Zurla

reg55 said...

A great job,nothing to blush about.Just stand tall and "thank you " a lot...
Hey love to grab on your coat tails.
Have a great night
Reg B.