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Hi readers!

Last month I gave you some FREE ideas about what to start selling "right now", if you're just getting started and need some inventory right away.

Well I've pooled together some of my best additional resources, ALL FREE, so you can pick from a wide range of items that sell GREAT on eBay and All you gotta do is hunt them down in your local neighborhood (I've included HOW to get these items).

BUT FIRST: Before you buy any inventory for your eBay/Amazon business, be sure to check what the ITEM IS REALLY WORTH by viewing the completed listings for an identical item on eBay. DON'T BUY before you know you can sell it for a profit.

So Bookmark this page for future reference. Ready?

1. SELL USED CHILDREN'S BOOKS. Powerseller Julie Anna Schultz is offering her list of *300 Titles* of Children's books that sell well.

GET HER LIST by subscribing HERE (look for the white and red subscription box on the right of the page.)

YOU CAN FIND these items by going to your local libraries (most of whom sell their out-of-circulation books every day), and/or by going to their annual book sales, and/or by posting a free 'items wanted' ad on your local site.


2. SELL USED ITEMS from ESTATE SALES. Estate sales are run by liquidation companies that go into peoples' homes to liquidate all their contents. You can find some goodies in there. I typically go right for the CDs, VHS tapes, DVDs, and Books but you have to know what to look for so you can resell them for higher profits.

YOU CAN FIND ESTATE SALES local to you here.


3. SELL YOUR EXPERTISE. Do you have an expertise in something? Do you knit well? Are you an expert in restoring old Chevy Camaros? Did you win 1st prize for your apple pie in a baking contest. Well if you haven't yet, you REALLY need to take pictures or a video of you knitting/restoring/baking the product to completion, have your son/daughter/neighbor's kid burn the video to a CD, and sell the CD on eBay. Buyers LOVE How-to demonstrations in little 'niche' markets. These "how-to" CDs are called "Infoproducts" or 'e-Books"

YOU CAN FIND FREE INFORMATION on making Infoproducts/e-Books HERE.


4. SELL PRODUCTS FROM WHOLESALERS. Yes, this can be done, you don't need to buy 1000 of the same item. Many wholesalers work with small sellers like you and me. (I'm not talking about dropshipping here, there's no money in that. What I recommend is that you buy items in bulk from a wholesaler, have those items shipped to YOUR home/business, and you sell the items on Amazon, eBay, etc.) WARNING: There are many crooks and gimmicks among wholesalers. That's why my ONLY TRUSTED SOURCE of RELIABLE wholesale information is WorldWide Brands.

YOU CAN FIND FREE 'HOW TO' information on buying wholesale here.


5. SELL RETIRED YANKEE CANDLES. Believe it or not, this is a lucrative niche market. Say that a customer buys Yankee's Leather Scent candle, and then Yankee Candle stops production of that scent. That's where you come in. Leather-scent Yankee candles have fetched upwards of $200 on eBay. Other retired and 'seasonal-only' Yankee candles increasing in value are: White Christmas, Vanilla sandlewood, Vineyard, Dark Roasted Coffee, Spa Fresh.

YOU CAN FIND Retired/'Seasonal' Yankee Candles at: Your local Yankee Candle store, Your nearest Yankee Candle Outlet, your nearest Bed Bath and Beyond, and by placing a a free 'items wanted' ad on your local site.


6. SELL PRE-OWNED HOT FASHION BRANDS. Suzanne Wells is giving away her FREE e-book here. It provides the hot-selling brands of apperal, house goods, etc., that are hot ebay sellers.

YOU CAN FIND pre-owned hot fashion brands at local estate sales, local thrift stores, and yard sales posted on your local site. Or get folks to contact you if they have the items, by placing a free 'items wanted' ad on your local site.

7. SELL PRE-OWNED GYMNASTIC LEOTARDS. Ok this sounds silly, but you Moms out there know how ridiculously expensive it is to get gymnastic apparel for you kids. And you also know how quickly they outgrow it! Well they sell like hotcakes, typically in lots, on eBay. Don't pay more than $2 per leotard, and make sure they're in good condition before buying! (No stains, rips, heavy wear, etc.)

YOU CAN FIND pre-owned gymnastic leotards at local thrift stores and yard sales posted on your local site . Or get folks to contact you if they have them, by placing a free 'items wanted' ad on your local site.


So those are 7 more ideas to get you started right away. If this intrigues you and you want to know what else you can "Find Locally and Sell Globally" RIGHT NOW, check out this e-book from my colleague Skip McGrath. It has a lot more ideas and comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back.

Happy Hunting!

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