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Amazon Reports Fulfillment Sellers, Sales Up in Q2-2011

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If you sell on Amazon now (or you're considering it), you'll want to read Auctionbytes' summary of Amazon's latest earnings report, most notably:

"[Of key interest to online sellers:] active customer accounts exceeded 144 million; worldwide active seller accounts were more than 2 million; seller units as a percentage of paid units was 36% (up from 34% of paid units in Q2-2010); and worldwide paid unit growth was 56%.

Amazon added 13 fulfillment centers last year, and will build more than 15 globally this year ("we've announced 15, and you should expect a few more" by the end of the year)."

This means two things:

1. Amazon is committing its money - not just words (like eBay does sometimes) to sellers like us; and

2. Their business model (Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA) is a 3-way 'win' for everyone involved: 

  • Amazon makes money and can expand its product offering via us independent sellers who send our products to their warehouses;
  • Sellers like us can make money ore easily than other online venues (i.e. eBay); and
  • Buyers can a wider selection of products and better prices when they shop on Amazon.
If you haven't started selling on Amazon yet, you should start today. It is, hands-down, one of the least-expensive, easiest and fastest ways to start earning a part- or full-time income.

Here are a few ways you can begin:

> To learn for free: Download this step-by-step guide showing you how to sell used and new media (Books, CDs, and DVDs) via Amazon FBA.

> For 'Held-by-the-Hand' assistance, take the Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum ($189 is all you'll pay for lifetime access - and it's worth every penny)

> If you already sell books on Amazon, but you want to expand your offerings to toys and games, Get my 'Amazon Inventory Secrets' Bundle ($37 with a 60-day, 'No Hassles' 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee).

See you on the other side,
-J.B. Malik 

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