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"Where Can I Sell Online, Besides eBay & Amazon?"

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I get this question all the time. Sellers who don't like's eBay and Amazon's selling fees are always looking for other web sites to post their items.

But and eBay each have a tremendous amount of exposure to millions of buyers - and that makes their selling fees very much worth it, in my opinion. Other than Amazon, eBay,, and a couple others - there aren't many online marketplaces that a.) allow you to sell goods AND b.) have a huge volume of buyers

That's starting to change with at least three smaller marketplaces - which charge sellers up to 90% LESS than eBay and Amazon (and some let you sell stuff for free): eCrater, iOffer, and Bonanza (formerly Bonanzle).

I have used each of these marketplaces with some decent success, although Bonanza booted me - and some other sellers - off for reasons they're not disclosing. However, all of them are 100% legit and with plenty of buyers.

The cool thing about these smaller marketplaces is that they're Google-friendly. That means that if your item is posted to them properly, you should get some visitors/buyers directly from people searching for the item on Google. (Your success will vary  of course, based on the # of people searching for your item, and the # of competitors also selling the item on the same marketplace, etc.)

For more on these marketplaces, you can view AuctionBytes; results of its second annual Seller's Choice ratings in the January 23rd issue of its AuctionBytes Update email newsletter.

One final note about these online marketplaces - sell some goods on at least one of them. I am a proponent of 'diversification': Diversify your product types AND diversify your selling venues. If you are only selling toys on eBay and someday eBay shuts down our account for whatever reason (it's happened), you will be able to jump to at least one other marketplace. This will keep some revenue coming in until you remedy the eBay situation.

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reg55 said...

Good advise Amazon does vey well for me on my Used Books,better then does...
But Amazon does charge more in fee's then I have try Bonanza for over a year and only sold 2 items,yes their fee's are very low... But thanks for your information... Stay warm and away from all that snow...
Reg B.

Regina said...

regarding people resenting eBay & Amazon fees: Nobody likes paying them but I would rather pay 10% or 15% of a sale than fee-free and sitting on my bookshelf. they deserve their commission

ebaygeek said...

As a seller who shares these sames frustrations, I have found a very helpful site, It is a free directory of most online marketplaces to sell on, and you can search by cost (free or sales commission, etc.)or by type or whatever. It also gives the Alexa rankings and other stuff so you can get an idea of the traffic and success you might get before you waste your time trying to sell there. One thing there is no shortage of is marketplaces, but so many of them are useless!

CH said...

I left eBay and Amazon for their ridiculous fees ages ago. Now I am using a site called

Although I have tried other sites but most of them are the same wine in different bottle!

Anonymous said...

You name it, I've tried it...eventually settling on notemote.
I recommend it for music items such as amps, guitars, etc.
I also sell designer goods and have been found by folks who came by way of a Google search on specific designers.